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Jemima Wolseithcrafte
Maybe with a small nightlight on?
Sun Feb 5, 2017 02:35

“Goodnight Ginger, goodnight Lauren,” Jemima echoed, as her room-mate turned out the lights. She wriggled her arms under the covers. It wasn’t super cold but it felt more secure to be entirely underneath the duvet, and it had been a kind of freaky day. She knew it wasn’t real but she kept seeing the range of things that Boggart had been… Her own fear played on her mind but so did several other people’s. On the whole, it hadn’t been a nice range of things to witness, and although they’d seemed easy to laugh at by the light of day, or with the distractions of other classes, now that she was lying in the dark, with nothing else to think about, it was harder to shake them off so easily.

“I wondered what it was,” Jemima mused, when Ginger explained her fear of quiet. She hadn’t been able to work out during class what Ginger’s Boggart had been meant to represent. She had been a bit distracted by checking that Owen was ok, so she had wondered whether she’d just missed something, but it turned out there hadn’t been much else to notice. She hadn’t liked the feeling it had made it the room either, but nor had she been able to identify it.

“I promise to toss and turn plenty,” she assured her, nice to know she didn’t have to worry that such things were a bother. Well, at least not to Ginger. Maybe Lauren wasn’t so keen. “How about sleep-talking? Or sleep-singing?” she suggested, as more pleasant alternatives to snoring.

“A bit,” she admitted, when Ginger asked if they were having trouble sleeping. “And it’s not just mine… But, it was just a lot to take in, y’know?” she paused. “I was working up the nerve to ask Owen to do samba dancing with me at our fair booth. Like… I know he has asthma, but sometimes I feel like he’s a bit too cautious about it,” she admitted. “But now I worry that maybe it’s me just not being very compassionate or understanding. I mean, what if I do push him to do something, and he does have an asthma attack? It’d be all my fault.”

  • Conversations after lights out (5th year girls dorm)Ginger Pierce, Thu Jan 19 10:42
    "Nox," Ginger cast, turning out the room's lights and laying back in her bed. "Good night, Lauren. Good night Jemima." She snuggled down under her blankets, hugging her stuffed whale like she did... more
    • Maybe with a small nightlight on? — Jemima Wolseithcrafte, Sun Feb 5 02:35
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