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Eden Manger
It's an adjustment, to be certain.
Fri Mar 24, 2017 02:00

Eden’s eyes snapped open, and she rocketed forward in bed with a silent gasp for air. As her vision adjusted to functioning, she glanced around the relatively dark room - she had asked her roommates about a night light, but it still wasn’t enough - to reorient herself. She was in her dorm in Teppenpaw at Sonora, her roommates both seemingly asleep. It was just a nightmare.

She’d been having a lot of them ever since summer. Her father was her security, and with him gone, even the realms of slumber seemed to be a scarier place. And it wasn’t fair, because the dreams all started out so nicely, with the two of them together, her and her father, the kind of dream she didn’t want to ever leave. But that didn’t last; there was always a sudden shift, a darkness encroaching that stole her father away from her. Sometimes Arnold was there. He offered no comfort.

Turning down her sheets slowly, Eden rose from her bed, skittering silently out of the room without thinking to change out of her nightgown or put on shoes. She just wanted to get out, to go somewhere that maybe she could breathe. Outdoors sounded lovely, but she was too afraid of getting into trouble to leave Teppenpaw grounds, not to mention the fact that it was too early for sunlight to offer any sort of assistance to her fears.

So she settled for the Common Room, at least for now. Eden sat on the couch and pulled her legs up, her feet hanging slightly off the edge of the cushion as she hugged her knees, shaking slightly. At least it was bright here, an invaluable comfort.

She didn’t remember it happening, but eventually, when her heartbeat slowed back down to normal, the first year fell back asleep on the couch, falling sideways with her head resting on the arm rest but her legs remaining curled. She stayed that way awhile, until another person stirring woke her up. Eden sat up nervously and glanced around to find the offending source of noise to be the only other person in the room. “Please tell me you’re the first person up and not the last,” she pleaded.

    • It gets easier after a whileNathan Xavier, Fri Mar 24 21:57
      Nathan slept. Something touched his cheek. He swatted at it and tried to remain asleep. It touched his cheek again and meowed. He grumbled and rolled over, pulling the blanket over his head. Weight... more
      • It does?Eden, Sun Mar 26 15:23
        Eden blinked. Oh. It was Professor Xavier, Teppenpaw Head of House. Well, that was promising, at least. As he indicated by the mention of being woken up by his cat (yay, kitty!), it was apparently... more
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