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Nathan Xavier
It gets easier after a while
Fri Mar 24, 2017 21:57

Nathan slept. Something touched his cheek. He swatted at it and tried to remain asleep. It touched his cheek again and meowed. He grumbled and rolled over, pulling the blanket over his head. Weight settled on his back and paws began kneading the back of his head. Fearing for the integrity of his quilt, he woke enough to put Alice on the floor with a mumbled promise that he'd get her food in a minute. He tried to go back to sleep. Alice didn't believe him and jumped back on the bed to bat at his ear.

"We're in Arizona now," he grumbled at her. "I get two more hours of sleep."

Alice just meowed, showing no pity at all for him.

"Well, it's good you're not a student," he told her, dragging himself out of bed, at the indecent hour of 5am, "you wouldn't be allowed in Teppenpaw. You are not kind at all." This wasn't strictly true, but he'd been woken up far too early in the morning to be forgiving.

He filled her bowl with her favorite cat food and changed the water in her water bowl. By then, he was pretty much awake, so he just got dressed and headed out to the Common Room to be available to offer directions to any early rising first years who might need a reminder on how to get back to the Cascade Hall.

He was surprised to find one of them was already in the Common Room, asleep on a couch.

Still not yet on speaking terms with his cat for the crime of waking him, Nathan was reluctant to wake the girl, but he was saved the dilemma. She woke on her own.

"Unless my cat has been begging other people for food at ungodly hours, too, I believe I am the first one up. Is everything okay? No problems with your roommates, I hope?"

  • It's an adjustment, to be certain.Eden Manger, Fri Mar 24 02:00
    Edenís eyes snapped open, and she rocketed forward in bed with a silent gasp for air. As her vision adjusted to functioning, she glanced around the relatively dark room - she had asked her roommates... more
    • It gets easier after a while — Nathan Xavier, Fri Mar 24 21:57
      • It does?Eden, Sun Mar 26 15:23
        Eden blinked. Oh. It was Professor Xavier, Teppenpaw Head of House. Well, that was promising, at least. As he indicated by the mention of being woken up by his cat (yay, kitty!), it was apparently... more
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