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Ginger Pierce
Teppenpaw Quidditch Sign-Ups!
Sun Mar 26, 2017 12:52

Ginger made a lovely sign-up sheet if she did say so herself. There were charmed drawings of quidditch players and all four of the balls flying about the page. Sometimes they would disappear off the edge, but then they'd come back a little later, just like if they were part of a larger game that the page only saw a small section of. She was pretty darn proud of it. Being an advanced student and a co-leader of the Art Club meant she had some downright awesome magical art skills.

Of course, not being allowed to do spellwork at home, she'd had to wait until she got back to Sonora to do the charmswork, which meant that it didn't go up as quickly as it might otherwise have done if it had just been a boring old sign-up sheet, but she thought the aesthetic improvements were worth the delay.

In any case, it was up now.

Teppenpaw Quidditch Sign-Up Sheet!

Teppenpaw wants you to join our Quidditch Team! Try-outs are open to everyone and we hope to see you there, this Saturday, at 7pm. Please sign-up below with your name, year, and preferred position(s) so we know how many people to expect. Walk-ons are welcome, though, so even if you don't sign up, you should still come, even if it's just to cheer us on!

Name Year Position(s)

And beneath that, she had added her own information as an example.

Ginger Pierce 6th Year Keeper

    • Let's try to do something semi-normal.Joe Umland, Fri Mar 31 12:02
      Joe was a bad Teppenpaw and knew it. He strongly suspected his sister was also a bad Teppenpaw, though he was less clear on whether or not Julian knew it. Ginger Pierce, on the other hand, was ... more
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