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It does?
Sun Mar 26, 2017 15:23

Eden blinked. Oh. It was Professor Xavier, Teppenpaw Head of House. Well, that was promising, at least. As he indicated by the mention of being woken up by his cat (yay, kitty!), it was apparently still “ungodly early,” which was probably better than if she had managed to sleep through everyone else getting up.

“Yes,” she said back. “Uh, I mean, no?.. Yes, everything is okay; no, no problems with my roommates.” Once she finally had her answer sorted out - or rather, answers to the two different questions - she managed to clarify better. Her brain had just gotten a little bit confused, still a little bit weighed down with lingering sleepiness.

“Um, I just… I had a bad dream,” she explained, fidgeting nervously with her nightgown and feeling quite silly and childish to have to say it out loud to a grown up. “So I wanted to go sleep somewhere a little bit… brighter.” The first year gestured weakly at the well lit room. “That’s okay, right?” she added, not wanting to get in trouble. She didn’t remember hearing any rule about not sleeping on couches, but she hadn’t meant to fall asleep here anyway. That was an accident.

Oh, goodness, if she got in trouble in the first week of being at school, her mom was going to be so disappointed! And she didn’t think Mom could take any more of that. She’d been super sad since Dad died, and so… something since talking to Jake’s mom. Eden didn’t know what that was, but that was the moment that seemed to make Mom feel a different way. It was kinda like sad, too, but something… just different. She didn’t understand.

  • It gets easier after a whileNathan Xavier, Fri Mar 24 21:57
    Nathan slept. Something touched his cheek. He swatted at it and tried to remain asleep. It touched his cheek again and meowed. He grumbled and rolled over, pulling the blanket over his head. Weight... more
    • It does? — Eden, Sun Mar 26 15:23
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