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Joe Umland
Let's try to do something semi-normal.
Fri Mar 31, 2017 12:02

Joe was a bad Teppenpaw and knew it. He strongly suspected his sister was also a bad Teppenpaw, though he was less clear on whether or not Julian knew it. Ginger Pierce, on the other hand, was – unless, of course, she was actually a liar on par with John and Joanie; he was still trying to get his head around how he, who had always prided himself on his observation skills, had been so wrong about them both – a perfect Teppenpaw. If he wanted to show someone what a Teppenpaw was, he thought he could just point to her sign-up sheets. Between the warmth, the invitation to those who didn’t wish to play to come cheer the rest of them on, and the flat refutation her artwork offered to the idea that their personalities meant Teppenpaws ought to lack intelligence and skill, he thought it would do the trick.

As he had the year before, he stopped for a moment to admire the artwork before getting out his pen. It wasn’t as though that was necessary, after all – not usually, anyway, though this year he thought they could maybe use all the help they could get, since Tobi had apparently dropped out of school and this left the team, not to put too fine a point on it, probably a bit screwed; one of their strengths had been how well their Beaters worked together. Better not to think about that, though, at least not more than was necessary for practicalities.

He kept those in mind as he signed up: Joe Umland, 4th, Chaser or Beater. They weren’t on speaking terms now, but he had, after all, learned to play Quidditch with a Beater, and now they needed one, and first years were more likely than not to gravitate to Chaser over a position which required more physical strength to pull off.

  • Teppenpaw Quidditch Sign-Ups!Ginger Pierce, Sun Mar 26 12:52
    Ginger made a lovely sign-up sheet if she did say so herself. There were charmed drawings of quidditch players and all four of the balls flying about the page. Sometimes they would disappear off the... more
    • Let's try to do something semi-normal. — Joe Umland, Fri Mar 31 12:02
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