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Jozua Sparks
Eden, I shall mourn thy loss all my days
Wed Apr 26, 2017 12:04

The team roster was posted. Ginger had talked to him privately beforehand, so it came as no surprise to him that his one request - not to be a beater - had been ignored. She'd made fair and valid points about his total inadequacy as a Chaser and how he'd be a lesser detriment to the team if he wasn't one of the people handling a Quaffle. Obviously she worded it nicer, but he got the gist. Keeper was hers, so he wasn't surprised that wasn't offered to him, and that left Seeker and Beater.

The only other option for these positions was a first year girl, and surely Jozua could see he was clearly more qualified for beater than she was, being thirteen and in possession of more mass and muscle.

He was not convinced on the muscle front, but he granted Ginger the point on mass. He was both taller and rounder than Eden was.

And he had no idea how or when Ginger Pierce learned his buttons, or if she was just a good guesser and playing to a general assumption that guys liked to protect girls, but then she promised he would have to be involved in the chaos and madness that was the chaser beater's lot in life, and he could just focus on protecting one single but highly vulnerable target.

And, somehow, possibly through an Imperius Curse, though he had no proof or other sign that Ginger (or possibly Liac, hidden behind some curtains or something) had cast such an Unforgivable, Jozua found himself agreeing to play beater this year.

This was bad on several points. Firstly and most importantly, it meant that when Eden died in her first game it was totally going to be his fault. Secondly but still importantly, it meant he would have to try to die in her place, as was proper for a noble knight, but he was a bad enough Quidditch player that he doubted his ability to do so.

So here he was. Staking out the girl's stairs, waiting for the first year in question to come down them so he could apologize in advance for letting her die on his watch.

"Eden," he said, when he spotted her, "I want to you to know I would give my life for yours, but it might not be enough because I was a really lousy beater in my first game and I might not get to sacrifice position in time. Know that I do my best but when I inevitably fail, I will mourn your loss for all my days. What is your favorite flower that I should use to remember you by?"

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      It was just another day in a weird school where Eden still managed to feel out of place, until Jozua Sparks came up to her and made everything even weirder. Her eyes widened as he spoke, and all at... more
      • Oops. I've miscalculated.Jozua, Fri May 5 09:01
        She was crying. This was bad. This was very bad. Jozua hadn't meant to make her cry. He wasn't quite sure what he had meant to achieve but this was not it. He'd been maybe sort of joking, but not... more
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