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Eden Manger
My... loss?
Fri May 5, 2017 00:16

It was just another day in a weird school where Eden still managed to feel out of place, until Jozua Sparks came up to her and made everything even weirder. Her eyes widened as he spoke, and all at once, she was very, very nervous about Quidditch. The possibility of dying in a game hadn’t really come to mind; Jake hadn’t said anything about anyone ever getting seriously injured, although retrospectively, she wasn’t sure he would have if that had happened, to avoid scaring her off.

In any other situation, Jozua’s odd seriousness might have been comical, but Eden was in no way prepared to laugh at the subject matter. It would be a long time before she laughed off anything about mortality. Instinctively, she took a step away from him. She wasn’t particularly fond of being approached in general, but she was especially not pleased to be approached like this.

“Um,” she fumbled. “I like daisies?” Immediately, the first year mentally scolded herself for answering the question instead of protesting. She added a disagreement, as strong as she, a shaken little girl, could manage, posthaste. “But, um, I’m not really going to die... Right?” She didn’t intend to add the question, but now she was so unsure. Obviously Jake hadn’t died - and she was filling the position he had opened by graduating! - so maybe it wasn’t too bad. Or maybe he was just good at it. Eden wasn’t particularly good at Quidditch, or anything sport, she didn’t think, but she was small and nimble enough to potentially learn to be a quality Seeker. That was what Jake had too, as far as she could tell: smallness and nimbleness. But he also had experience. She did not.

The blonde felt herself getting increasingly upset at the notion, and tears welled up in her eyes. “I don’t want to die,” she stated weakly.

  • Eden, I shall mourn thy loss all my daysJozua Sparks, Wed Apr 26 12:04
    The team roster was posted. Ginger had talked to him privately beforehand, so it came as no surprise to him that his one request - not to be a beater - had been ignored. She'd made fair and valid... more
    • My... loss? — Eden Manger, Fri May 5 00:16
      • Oops. I've miscalculated.Jozua, Fri May 5 09:01
        She was crying. This was bad. This was very bad. Jozua hadn't meant to make her cry. He wasn't quite sure what he had meant to achieve but this was not it. He'd been maybe sort of joking, but not... more
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