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Oops. I've miscalculated.
Fri May 5, 2017 09:01

She was crying. This was bad. This was very bad. Jozua hadn't meant to make her cry. He wasn't quite sure what he had meant to achieve but this was not it. He'd been maybe sort of joking, but not really. Mostly he'd been being melodramatic, fishing for . . . something, reassurance maybe? A break in his own tension? Clearly he'd done it wrong and just spread his terror about the coming Quidditch year.

"Hey, hey, no," he said, awkwardly not-hugging-but-kinda-feeling-like-this-might-be-a-hugging-appropriate-situation. Instead, he kind of patted her on the shoulder and made aborted almost-hug-like-initiation-motions that pulled back just before actually being hug initiations. "No, no," he repeated, trying to sound confident and reassuring, "you won't die, I promise. I don't know of any school level fatalities happening in Quidditch. There are safety charms on the pitch to prevent really serious injuries, and the coach will step in too before anything really bad can happen. Worst case is bruises and a broken bone, and the medic is going to be right there. But I'm gonna try really hard not to let that happen, yeah?" he asked hopefully, watching her face to see if he was having any effect.

"We could practice some extra, too, if you'd like," he offered. "Get used to flying together outside of practice. It wouldn't even need to be anything fancy, just fly leisurely along the Garden paths and chat or something. I just need to get familiar with your flying style so I can anticipate where you're going to be and protect that in addition to where you are."

  • My... loss?Eden Manger, Fri May 5 00:16
    It was just another day in a weird school where Eden still managed to feel out of place, until Jozua Sparks came up to her and made everything even weirder. Her eyes widened as he spoke, and all at... more
    • Oops. I've miscalculated. — Jozua, Fri May 5 09:01
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