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Jemima Wolseithcrafte
Decorating party (Tag Lauren and Ginger)
Sun Aug 20, 2017 20:08

Final year. That was so crazy. There was a part of her that looked forward to finishing Sonora. She had a solid plan and she was, in a lot of ways, really ready to move on from sharing a bedroom with two other girls and start sharing with just one special boy instead. But at the same time, it was really hard to think about giving up their room in Teppenpaw, and about all of this coming to an end. Part of her wondered how much she'd even see Ginger and Lauren once they graduated. They had really different lives, and being the Teppenpaw girls was kind of the thing that bound them together.

Still, now wasn't the time to dwell on such things. They still had a whole year ahead, and the first day back was always a special one. In addition to all the catching up they had to do, it was also the time when they decorated their dormatory for the year, and Jemima had a great theme in mind.

"Happy New Year," she greeted her roommates with a big grin and hugs all round. "How are you guys? How were your summers?"

Once the initial flurry of chatter was over, she put forward her idea. She'd initially thought about a travel theme, seeing as they'd all be off after this, but that had seemed too sad. She wanted to spend this year making thr most of everything Sonora before they left. And that's when her great idea had hit...

"How about, for this year's theme, we have us?" she suggested. "We can include little doodles of things we've done, or things from the previous themes. And I thought maybe we could have a word cloud in the middle with all the things we associate with our friendship," she suggested. There was plenty of wall space to bring in other ideas too, which she was sure Ginger and Lauren would have. She had also brought along their first year yearbook and planned to sketch some 'then and now' portraits of the three of them, but that would take quite a bit of time, and be something to work on during the first few weeks. Some of the simpler ideas they could put up now before the feast.

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      Lauren couldn't believe that it was already her seventh year. As a first-year, imagining herself as a seventeen-year-old was impossible. It seemed like forever ago when she started to see her magical ... more
      • Sorry I'm such a slowpokeGinger Pierce, Thu Sep 21 13:01
        Ginger entered the Teppenpaw seventh year girls' dorm with an odd feeling of sad nostalgia mixed with eager anticipation. This was the last year she'd be at Sonora, the last time she'd get to catch... more
        • Sorry I'm not going to be around Jemima, Sun Sep 24 02:12
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          • Sorry for not checking it oftenLauren, Tue Oct 3 23:52
            "It is," Lauren replied. "But that way my sister goes to my dad during the breaks and if she ever needs anything he can send it to her. I think he just really, really missed us and she was more than... more
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