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Nathan Xavier
An Owl for Ginger Pierce
Sat Aug 26, 2017 21:15

The Quidditch coach was still on indefinite leave, so Selina had instructed the Head of House to handle promotions of the new captains, and so Nathan looked at the list of names involved in Teppenpaw's one game last year, and compared it to participation in the pick-up games to gauge interest and involvement, and jotted off a quick letter to send to the new captain.

Dear Captain Ginger Pierce,
Congratulations, you have been promoted to Quidditch Captain of Teppenpaw. As such, you are responsible for scheduling and running practices, putting up the sign-up sheet, recruiting members if necessary, and reserving the pitch. To help you in these matters, you may select an Assistant Quidditch Captain. Based on seniority and involvement with last year's games, I recommend Joseph Umland, but this choice is entirely in your hands. Please inform myself and your new assistant of your decision.

Thank you for your leadership in Teppenpaw Quidditch!
Nathan Xavier

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      When Ginger returned from her first day of classes, she found an owl sitting on her desk. It was one of the school ones, so she didn't feel too bad about making it wait after its journey, but she... more
      • Were you looking for me or some coffee?Joe Umland, Mon Aug 28 17:41
        Nat had, Joe thought, had a very real shot at Assistant Captain, but Joe still wasn’t entirely surprised when he heard Ginger call out his name. It was, of course, entirely possible that she wasn’t... more
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