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Ginger Pierce
Finding Joe
Sun Aug 27, 2017 13:20

When Ginger returned from her first day of classes, she found an owl sitting on her desk. It was one of the school ones, so she didn't feel too bad about making it wait after its journey, but she still hurried to find an owl treat and offered it with an apology, "Sorry to keep you waiting. What is it?" Not expecting or receiving an answer to her rhetorical question, she simply removed the letter attached to its leg and opened the envelope to find out for herself.

After reading the short, and not unexpected, letter, she exchanged the badge she was wearing for the one that was included. Then she grabbed the sign-up sheet she'd already drawn up and brought it down to the common room to post on the bulletin board. She'd expected this turn of events after years as the assistant, but hadn't wanted to step on any toes by posting the sheet before she was told of her promotion.

Once it was up, she waited around the common room until she spotted Joe. Early in her position as Assistant, she'd thought she'd surely pick Nat or Gabe as her own assistant when this day came, but Gabe had left the school, and - as Professor Xavier had noted - Nat hadn't been as active in the pick-up games as Joe had, so she saw no reason not to give it to the recommended candidate. Joe had done very well for Teppenpaw over the last years, and she would be glad to pass on her badge to him.

"Hey, Joe," she called out when she spotted him. She walked over to where he had entered the room and held out her old Assistant Quidditch Captain badge toward the fifth year, smiling warmly. "I was wondering if you wanted this?"

  • An Owl for Ginger PierceNathan Xavier, Sat Aug 26 21:15
    The Quidditch coach was still on indefinite leave, so Selina had instructed the Head of House to handle promotions of the new captains, and so Nathan looked at the list of names involved in... more
    • Finding Joe — Ginger Pierce, Sun Aug 27 13:20
      • Were you looking for me or some coffee?Joe Umland, Mon Aug 28 17:41
        Nat had, Joe thought, had a very real shot at Assistant Captain, but Joe still wasn’t entirely surprised when he heard Ginger call out his name. It was, of course, entirely possible that she wasn’t... more
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