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Ginger Pierce
Quidditch Team Sign-up Sheet
Sun Aug 27, 2017 13:33

Once she'd finished catching up with her roommates and decorating their room, Ginger had just enough time before the Opening Feast to draw up this year's Quidditch Sign-Up sheet in anticipation of being named the Captain for her final year. Liac had delegated the responsibility to his more artistic assistant the last few years, so she whipped through the written part with the ease of practice, then spent most of the time working on the artwork that would hopefully draw the eye and get people to sign up.

Eventually she finished animating her drawings so they flew about as if actually playing a quidditch game on the paper. She had done the same last year, but then she'd only had a small sliver of the game visible on the sheet. This year, though, the figures were smaller so most of the field could be seen. If anyone watched for any significant length of time, they might even recognize that it was depicting the Teppenpaw-Pecari game played at the beginning of last year (at least to the best that Ginger could remember it). After Tiny!Animated!Eden caught the snitch, the animation repeated and the game began again.

She didn't put it up right away, though. She was still technically the assistant captain, and she thought it would be polite to wait until she was officially promoted to captain to put it up. That had now come to pass, so she pinned it up on the bulletin board and hoped for a good turn out so it again wasn't Teppenpaw's fault if the Quidditch season had to be cancelled again.

Teppenpaw Quidditch Team!

Teppenpaw needs you to join our Quidditch Team! Try-outs are open to everyone and we hope to see you there, this Saturday, at 7pm. Please sign-up below with your name, year, and preferred position(s) so we know how many people to expect. Walk-ons are welcome, though, so even if you don't sign up, you should still come, even if it's just to cheer us on!

Name Year Position(s)

And beneath that, she had added her own information as an example.

Ginger Pierce 7th Year Keeper

    • Just here to allude to summer at this point.Joe Umland, Thu Sep 14 14:01
      Joe could never help but admire Gingerís drawings when he saw them, which was generally in Quidditch-related contexts. As he approached the sign-up sheet, still savoring his new title and slightly... more
    • Back again!Eden Manger, Sun Aug 27 15:52
      Thatís me. Eden stared at the signup sheet, watching the animation loop through the motions. It was clearly last yearís game, and every time, at the end, a small, drawn Eden caught the Snitch. She... more
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