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Eden Manger
Back again!
Sun Aug 27, 2017 15:52

That’s me.

Eden stared at the signup sheet, watching the animation loop through the motions. It was clearly last year’s game, and every time, at the end, a small, drawn Eden caught the Snitch. She could hardly believe it. Having decided not to play the second pickup game at the end of last year (other Seekers needed turns, too), she was two-for-two on catching the Snitch. That was… that was incredible. Honestly. She had played a few pickup games here and there before coming to Sonora, but she really had no intention to play or expectation to be good. Eden had just signed up to fill Jake’s vacated spot and help the team remain afloat. But she was…. She was good.

And it was hard not to have fun doing something well. Quidditch was never a passion previously, but she couldn’t help grow attached to it when she was actually winning. Winning felt really, really good, so this year especially she hoped to do it again.

It was Ginger’s last year and first time being the official captain, although last year it seemed like maybe she did more stuff than Liac did. Ginger was Jake’s girlfriend, and she had been very, very nice to Eden, so the younger girl wanted to help her go out on a high note as best as she could. Hopefully, whatever streak of luck or maybe talent Eden had would not run out quite yet.

Eden Manger, second year, Seeker.

  • Quidditch Team Sign-up SheetGinger Pierce, Sun Aug 27 13:33
    Once she'd finished catching up with her roommates and decorating their room, Ginger had just enough time before the Opening Feast to draw up this year's Quidditch Sign-Up sheet in anticipation of... more
    • Just here to allude to summer at this point.Joe Umland, Thu Sep 14 14:01
      Joe could never help but admire Ginger’s drawings when he saw them, which was generally in Quidditch-related contexts. As he approached the sign-up sheet, still savoring his new title and slightly... more
    • Back again! — Eden Manger, Sun Aug 27 15:52
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