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Joe Umland
Were you looking for me or some coffee?
Mon Aug 28, 2017 17:41

Nat had, Joe thought, had a very real shot at Assistant Captain, but Joe still wasn’t entirely surprised when he heard Ginger call out his name. It was, of course, entirely possible that she wasn’t calling for him to wait for her because he’d been made Assistant Captain – maybe she wanted to break the information that he had been passed over gently and in person, or maybe she just wanted to say ‘hey’ really a lot right now for some reason – but overall, he wasn’t too surprised with the implications of what she had to say when she got to him.

“If you’re sure you won’t be needing it,” he said, accepting the badge from her with a half-smile. “Of course, if you do, now – “ he smiled properly now, waving aside his own joke. “Thanks, Ginger. And congratulations on your new badge.”

It would have been ridiculous for anyone but Ginger to get the official captain’s badge – she’d been essentially doing the job for over a year, after all – but it was still something she should be congratulated for. She deserved it after all the, well, essentially doing the job for over a year, so congratulations seemed appropriate even if the thing he had congratulated her for had been pretty much a given from the beginning. Stranger things than her not getting her dues had, after all, happened; somehow, not only had John managed to become Head Boy, but Joe had now managed to obtain two shiny badges of his very own even though he had started the year before by nearly hitting the elderly, torture-instrument-admiring Headmaster.

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    • Were you looking for me or some coffee? — Joe Umland, Mon Aug 28 17:41
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