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Lauren Song
Best part of the year
Tue Aug 29, 2017 00:22

Lauren couldn't believe that it was already her seventh year. As a first-year, imagining herself as a seventeen-year-old was impossible. It seemed like forever ago when she started to see her magical abilities and decided to attend Sonora. Leaving Sonora was so scary, and the thought of never seeing these girls like this again was even sadder. She didn't want things to change.

She was feeling melancholy during the whole Welcoming Feast, but as soon as she met her best friends in their room she felt her spirits rise. "Hey!" she replied, hugging each of them. "Happy New Year!

"I went to Korea with my family during the summer and my dad really wanted my sister to go to school there and stay with him, so we dropped her off. It was really sad seeing her go especially cause she's the youngest, but I think she'll be happy spending so much time with my dad. She always wanted to be the only child anyway. That means it's just me and Isaac now when we're not at Sonora. My parents were really happy to see each other for the few months we were there, and it was cool visiting the touristy spots there. We try to go every summer, but I think this was the longest time we stayed."

Feeling like a whole family was special to Lauren, and though her parents lived separately, she felt lucky that they weren't divorced. She'd explained her odd living situation to her roommates years before, that her dad had to run his family's non-magical business in South Korea while her mom had her life, her family, and her work as a pharmacist in Los Angeles.

"How were your summers? Tell me everything!"

Once everyone had shared, Lauren's dark eyes brightened at the sentimental theme. "I love that idea, Jemima. I remember when I loved unicorns and dragons back as a first-year. I think rainbows were probably included in that." She grinned, feeling tears suddenly prickling at her eyes. "I can't believe this is our last year. We'll definitely stay in touch, right?"

  • Decorating party (Tag Lauren and Ginger)Jemima Wolseithcrafte , Sun Aug 20 20:08
    Final year. That was so crazy. There was a part of her that looked forward to finishing Sonora. She had a solid plan and she was, in a lot of ways, really ready to move on from sharing a bedroom with ... more
    • Best part of the year — Lauren Song, Tue Aug 29 00:22
      • Sorry I'm such a slowpokeGinger Pierce, Thu Sep 21 13:01
        Ginger entered the Teppenpaw seventh year girls' dorm with an odd feeling of sad nostalgia mixed with eager anticipation. This was the last year she'd be at Sonora, the last time she'd get to catch... more
        • Sorry I'm not going to be around Jemima, Sun Sep 24 02:12
          "So school in Korea isn't boarding school?" Jemima asked, when Lauren said that her sister would be attending school over there in order to see more of their dad. She thought it was one of the... more
          • Sorry for not checking it oftenLauren, Tue Oct 3 23:52
            "It is," Lauren replied. "But that way my sister goes to my dad during the breaks and if she ever needs anything he can send it to her. I think he just really, really missed us and she was more than... more
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