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Cleo James
(Professor Xavier's office) Post holiday catch up
Tue Sep 5, 2017 05:37

Cleo made her way to Professor Xavier's office. He was easily her favourite person at Sonora. She imagined that this was what it was like to have a favourite, friendly uncle, although as her daddy was an only child and her mother a mystery, she didn't have any real uncles - friendly or otherwise - to base this assessment on. Still, he made Sonora feel a lot more like home, whilst obviously not coming anywhere close to replacing her real parent. Daddy had been very keen to meet Professor Xavier after the concert last year, as Cleo had told him so much about the man - something she had happily done. She judged the meeting to have gone well - daddy had said something like 'So, you're the famous Professor Xavier, who my Cleo spends such a lot of time with,' and had smiled and shaken Professor Xavier's hand. She hadn't noticed her daddy's smile not reaching his eyes, or picked up the slight note of jealousy - or was it suspicion, or both? - with which he'd regarded the teacher.

She knocked on the professor's door, and politely checked whether he wasn't too busy to talk before settling into the chair opposite him. Her hair, which grew rather rapidly during the term and had been reaching past her shoulders before the holidays, had been clipped back to what she regarded as its usual length, just brushing the middle of her ears, and only just long enough to tuck behind them, from where it made frequent escapes.

"How was your summer, Professor?" she asked brightly. Cleo spent a lot of time doing extra work around the gardens and the greenhouses, during which she always chatted happily to the Professor whenever he was also around. As such, it was probably rather difficult for him to determine whether this question was polite small talk or the main purpose of her visit.

OOC - assumptions approved by Professor Xavier's author

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