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Nathan Xavier
Start of term madness break
Thu Sep 14, 2017 10:36

Nathan had just sat down. He closed his eyes and looked up at his ceiling. The beginning of term was always the hardest. Settling in, new names to learn, overcoming the inertia of a long summer break, start of term paperwork, graduated students to miss, organization to revive, elves to calm down . . . It was nice to just sit and do nothing for a little bit.

Unfortunately, he hadn't been at it long before a knock came at his door. "Come in!" he called, sitting up straighter. As the hallway door swung open, he registered that, yes, the knock had come from that direction, rather than the side leading down to the Teppenpaw common room.

"Oh, hi, Cleo," he greeted her warmly as she entered, and slouched back down a bit, not as far down as he had been when the knock came, but enough to be comfortable and relaxed. "Welcome back."

"No, no," he assured her, "I'm just taking a little break actually. Take a seat," he invited. She did, and asked after his summer before he could do the same to her.

He tried not to play favorites with the students, but if put under veritaserum, he was pretty sure he could be made to say that he was a bit more fond of Cleo than most of the other non-Teppenpaws in the school. With her voluntary assistance to him with the gardens, he considered her one of his own.

He hadn't missed the slightly suspicious look her her father's eyes when they met at the concert and mentioned the amount of time his daughter had reported spending with him. He'd tried to be reassuring, and had been sure to mention that there were always elves about as well, and reiterated how promising a gardener and herbologist Cleo was already. Parents always liked hearing their children were doing well in school, right? He'd also brought up his nephews and compared the student body as a whole to them, with the intent to show the worried father that while Nathan was quite fond of Cleo and the other students he worked with, it was a supportive and building care, genuine and familial. The kind children needed when they were apart from their parents for so much of the time.

"I had a good summer," he answered, cheerfully, because this was the beginning of term, and she was probably missing her father, and while Nathan could never replace a parent, would never want to, he did understand the need to mitigate that absence. "Got a place on a lakeside beach this year. It was very nice." He'd definitely consider lakefront property for his retirement someday. And now that he had a professor's salary, and the Head of House bonus, he may even be able to afford it before he was a hundred.

"Did you have a good summer with your dad?"

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    • Start of term madness break — Nathan Xavier, Thu Sep 14 10:36
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