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Joe Umland
Just here to allude to summer at this point.
Thu Sep 14, 2017 14:01

Joe could never help but admire Ginger’s drawings when he saw them, which was generally in Quidditch-related contexts. As he approached the sign-up sheet, still savoring his new title and slightly panicking about the fact that he’d have to do that next year and wouldn’t do nearly as good a job, he stopped to watch the little animations and realized with a start that he could actually recognize people.

He had to say, watching a drawing version of himself flying around playing the game was a little weird. Not as weird, as, say, being in the living room when John and Joanie had decided to explain at least the bare bones (Joe still thought he was the only one in the family who knew about the Top Secrets of the SOE or whatever that notebook of John’s was – Joanie had shut him down the few times he’d tried to ask her about what ostensibly looked like a fair copy of John’s study of the behaviors of birds at Sonora, but Joe had gathered enough to know that he was terrified by the effort it must have taken just to create that thing, a thought that made the thought of what information John had thought needed that much protection even more unsettling) of their situation to the whole family, or even just being at Julian’s wedding and feeling horribly out of place among all the rich folks, but still….it was pretty weird.

It did, however, show skill. Joe knew she had that club thing, but wondered idly if Ginger meant to go anywhere with her art – or try to, anyway. Being an artist wasn’t quite up there with being a nineteenth-century explorer on the list of unrealistic occupation goals, but it was still…pretty unrealistic, really. However, Ginger had had a rich boyfriend, so if that worked out for her the way it usually did for people with her and Jake’s surnames even if someone else ended up filling Jake’s role in the story, she could do as she pleased and not need to worry about that kind of thing, as he realized with a wince as he put his name on the sign-up sheet, he was really going to have to do soonish more than laterish….

Joseph Umland (AC), Fifth Year, Chaser or Beater

  • Quidditch Team Sign-up SheetGinger Pierce, Sun Aug 27 13:33
    Once she'd finished catching up with her roommates and decorating their room, Ginger had just enough time before the Opening Feast to draw up this year's Quidditch Sign-Up sheet in anticipation of... more
    • Just here to allude to summer at this point. — Joe Umland, Thu Sep 14 14:01
    • Back again!Eden Manger, Sun Aug 27 15:52
      That’s me. Eden stared at the signup sheet, watching the animation loop through the motions. It was clearly last year’s game, and every time, at the end, a small, drawn Eden caught the Snitch. She... more
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