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Glad I fit into that
Mon Sep 18, 2017 03:05

“That sounds nice. I bet it was really pretty there,” Cleo smiled. She found she had a slightly hard time picturing Professor Xavier by the lake. Would he fish, or sit reading a book? The only thing she could imagine him doing was walking around examining or tending to the plants, but presumably he didn’t spend all of his holidays focussed on that, although she was sure he had noticed the plant life around him. It was funny to try to think of teachers having real lives outside of school. Although she was curious, she felt a little bit shy to ask him too much about his holidays, because it seemed a bit too personal.

“Yes, it was great. Mostly, we were running the shop, but we did days out on some Sundays. We went to the zoo, and the Colorado Magibotanic Gardens. He even let me get a dancing cactus, just so long as I keep it in my room when I’m home. And my grandma and grandpa took me away for a week up in the mountains. We drove up in a car - a Muggle vehicle. It took a really long time but I liked it. You can look out of the windows and see all the scenery. You miss out on that with aparation or Floo,” Cleo explained. It was nice to just chat with Professor Xavier about the break, and she thought she might have been here doing just that anyway, but today she did have an extra reason to seek him out.

“I’ve also been thinking about starting a gardening club this year. But I wasn’t sure how. I mean, if we helped you out with things that needed doing, that would be useful, but it would mean you keep having to find things for us to do, and it might be a bit too much like lessons for you and for everyone in the club. Daddy said maybe there’d be a part of the gardens that doesn’t have much going on, and we could use it to plant what we want, and it would just be our responsibility to look after it, but I wasn’t sure if there was anywhere like that.”

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    • Glad I fit into that — Cleo, Mon Sep 18 03:05
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