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Ginger Pierce
Sorry I'm such a slowpoke
Thu Sep 21, 2017 13:01

Ginger entered the Teppenpaw seventh year girls' dorm with an odd feeling of sad nostalgia mixed with eager anticipation. This was the last year she'd be at Sonora, the last time she'd get to catch up and decorate with Lauren and Jemima. It was sad that this era was coming to a close, but she was so ready to stop have months and months of separation from Jake.

"It was great!" she enthused when the question of summers came around to her. "Jake was doing better this year, so we got to have some fun," she grinned and waggled her eyebrows suggestively though they hadn't had much opportunity to be alone long enough for much more that making out. That was the problem with living in tents surrounded by your entire extended family. Next summer, she was definitely making the case for meeting up somewhere other than California. "He came to visit and got to see my play." They both knew she'd gotten a medium sized part in the Renaissance Faire's rendition of Shakespeare's Comedy of Errors. Most of her letters had mentioned it at least in passing, though her role as the wandering apothecary had more direct interaction with the faire goers so that generally took up more of meat of her correspondence simply because it varied more from day to day. Plus, she found it funny to relate how muggles responded to her talk about real magical potion ingredients.

Then Jemima had a great idea for their room theme. "Perfect," she agreed, chiming in after Lauren. Then she gave the other girl a hug as she started to tear up. "Of course! I'll keep you updated of wherever I'll be and you just tell me when you need back stage passes, yeah? I can hook you up. Both of you," she added to Jemima, though she suspected Lauren was the one more likely to take her up on it, both because Lauren was conveniently from the same state, and because Jemima had family pressures that might make attending a muggle theatre . . . awkward.

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    • Sorry I'm such a slowpoke — Ginger Pierce, Thu Sep 21 13:01
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