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Sorry I'm not going to be around
Sun Sep 24, 2017 02:12

"So school in Korea isn't boarding school?" Jemima asked, when Lauren said that her sister would be attending school over there in order to see more of their dad. She thought it was one of the reasons, besides making connections, that English and French parents seemed not to mind sending their children to school in the US; as all the European magical schools were boarding schools too, it didn't actually affect how much they saw them.
"My summer was good. Did the usual - time at the lake, a bunch of parties. They're ok but I already have Owen. I don't need to go out meeting people. I mean, I get to see him at some of the events but equally, I could just arrange to see him if I want to."

Ginger's summer sounded much more interesting. Jemima was glad things were going well for her and Jake, although she wondered what the wiggle of Ginger's eyebrows meant. Had she and Jake..? She wanted to ask but she wasn't sure how to talk about that kind of thing. She glanced inquisitively at Lauren to see whether she'd picked up on it too.

"Your plays sound like so much fun. I loved reading about it. It almost made me feel like I was there," she smiled. "Thanks," she added, when Ginger offered to hook them up with tickets for the next time. "I'm sorry I couldn't make this one. Maybe next time," she smiled, distressed to hear how hollow and insincere she sounded. She was truly sorry that she couldn't come, but she figured Ginger was mostly at this point offering out of politeness rather than any real expectation that she'd ever make it. They both sort of knew that they were saying it for form's sake, and that she never really would be coming.
Hopefully Ginger knew that was why she couldn't say that with much conviction - not because she didn't care or didn't want to go.

"So, unicorns... Dragons. Maybe we can have an owl, for all the summer letters we've sent. And for how we'll stay in touch, for sure," she added, managing a weak smile at Lauren although her own eyes were tearing up too.

  • Sorry I'm such a slowpokeGinger Pierce, Thu Sep 21 13:01
    Ginger entered the Teppenpaw seventh year girls' dorm with an odd feeling of sad nostalgia mixed with eager anticipation. This was the last year she'd be at Sonora, the last time she'd get to catch... more
    • Sorry I'm not going to be around — Jemima, Sun Sep 24 02:12
      • Sorry for not checking it oftenLauren, Tue Oct 3 23:52
        "It is," Lauren replied. "But that way my sister goes to my dad during the breaks and if she ever needs anything he can send it to her. I think he just really, really missed us and she was more than... more
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