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Tue Oct 3, 2017 23:52

"It is," Lauren replied. "But that way my sister goes to my dad during the breaks and if she ever needs anything he can send it to her. I think he just really, really missed us and she was more than willing to go with him. She barely knows enough Korean though, so I'm worried about her..."

But that was another topic for another time. Lauren wasn't super close to her youngest sister, and she was pretty sure Maia genuinely hated her and Isaac, but she would still miss having her around. Somewhat. It wasn't like they didn't see each other during summers anyway.

Lauren didn't know what to think of Ginger's description and ended up meeting Jemima's eyes. She didn't want to imagine "fun" meaning something else so she quickly put it away from her mind to keep from making a grossed-out face.

When Ginger hugged her, Lauren smiled into her shoulder. "Be prepared to send me those backstage passes," she said. "I'm totally going to drag Isaac too. He needs to get educated, haha." She took a deep breath and smiled at her two best friends. "Definitely! Maybe we can put up quotes or some fun, encouraging sayings for each other on the walls too. Owls, dragons, and unicorns. Maybe our theme this year should be a menagerie!" She laughed. "Or COMC class. I'm so glad I don't have to take COMC anymore. That classroom always had a weird smell to it."

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    "So school in Korea isn't boarding school?" Jemima asked, when Lauren said that her sister would be attending school over there in order to see more of their dad. She thought it was one of the... more
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