Dorian Montoir
Admitting a deep, dark secret (tag Vlad)
Tue Oct 24, 2017 02:51

OOC - Fuzzy time abuse! This is a continuation from beginners Transfig, set on October 1st

Dorian’s day had substantially improved once Professor Skies had rid him of the balloons. However, it had still been a little hard to focus knowing that they were waiting for him. There was something sinister about that. He struggled through his homework that evening, making a horrible mess out of his verb endings, and really not bringing most of the work up to his usual standard, because his mind kept wandering…. What if they were right by the door, and he couldn’t get into the room without touching them? What if they were behind the door, and sort of leapt out at him when he closed it? And how was he going to get permanently rid of them?

With a sigh, he resigned himself to his fate. Or at least to investigating it. He climbed the stairs to the boys dormitory. His palm was sweating as he reached out and slowly, carefully opened the door. There they were. At the head of his bed. The doorway was a fairly comfortable distance to be at, but he was aware he couldn’t stand there forever, so he edged into the room, making a line for the opposite side of the room where Vlad’s bed was. Distractedly, he sat down on the foot of it and stared at the balloons. He was never going to get to sleep with them looming above him, squeaking horribly. There were two empty rooms on the boys’ side of the dormitories. He could simply move the balloons. Except that wasn’t simple. It involved touching them. And what if it reactivated the magic that had made them follow him? He shuffled more firmly into the corner of Vlad’s bed, just in case the balloons got ideas. The better solution was to ask Vlad to dispose of them for him but he wasn’t sure how to do that without explaining that he was afraid of the balloons. So far, Vlad seemed sweet, and easy-going. They chit-chatted, and they got along, but had not discussed anything particularly personal. He didn’t really seem like he’d laugh at Dorian, but it was still an embarrassing thing to admit. He was still wrestling with how to go about this when the door opened.

Dorian had been so focussed on the balloons that he hadn’t really thought about much else. Vlad’s bed had been, temporarily, reclassified not so much as ‘Vlad’s bed’ but as ‘comfortable and safe space far away from balloons.’ Now that the actual owner of the bed had reappeared, he realised quickly that his position probably seemed a little odd, or somehow presumptuous. He scrambled quickly, and rather ungracefully, to his feet, half tripping over himself in the process, as if getting up as quickly as possible could somehow undo the fact he’d been caught there in the first place.

“I was- I am… It-” he began, but he had still not exactly worked out how he was going to present the situation to Vlad. “I don’t like balloons,” he admitted, deciding that honesty might be the best policy when you added in the fact that he not only needed rid of them, but also needed to justify why he’d been using Vlad’s bed as a settee. “Could… could you take them away please?” he requested meekly.

    • Gasp!Vladimir Brockert, Wed Nov 22 16:46
      Sonora was everything his parents and his sister had promised it would be. Admittedly, that was pretty much just “Big, magical, and interesting,” so maybe it wasn’t the highest standard to meet,... more
      • Is it so terribly shocking?Dorian, Fri Nov 24 15:44
        Vlad seemed to indicate that Dorian was welcome to sit, and he tentatively perched back on the end of the bed. Beds were comforting in that they were soft, and nice, and nothing on them were going to ... more
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