Vladimir Brockert
Wed Nov 22, 2017 16:46

Sonora was everything his parents and his sister had promised it would be. Admittedly, that was pretty much just “Big, magical, and interesting,” so maybe it wasn’t the highest standard to meet, especially in the twinkly eyes of a small boy who held absolute fascination and wonder in most things. Nonetheless, these standards were in fact met. Sonora was not only big, magical, and interesting. It was huge, dazzling, and amazing.

He did miss his parents and his baby sister greatly, of course, so he just dealt with that by writing frequent letters. Vlad corresponded with his mother daily, if not more than that. There was simply no denying that the young lad was something of a mama’s boy. Vladimir told his mother all about Sonora and about his new friends (because in his mind, he was pretty much best friends with anyone who would maintain eye contact with him).

And speaking of, he was surprised today to discover that his roommate/friend Dorian was in his bed when he got back to their room. Dorian quickly scampered out of it upon seeing him, at which Vlad held his hands forward and offered a hasty, “Oh, you don’t have t-” before realizing it was probably already too late, and the other boy was clumsily hurrying away from Vlad’s stuff.

Dorian’s stuttered explanation was quite the surprise. Who didn’t like balloons? They were so colorful and happy! But if he didn’t like them, that was his business, Vlad guessed. “Sure,” he answered. “Do you care what I do with them? Because I’m thinking maybe my sister would like them.” It was easy, too, to get them to her room and surprise her. Ivy was also in Teppenpaw, so all he had to do was go back down to the common area and find a girl to take them up. Ginger Pierce was probably the easiest bet, since she was their cousin’s girlfriend, but this was Teppenpaw, the nice House - his mom’s former House - and so he couldn’t really imagine anyone saying no.

“And.. maybe we could go find you something you like better?” Vlad suggested optimistically. “Happy birthday, by the way. I heard the card at breakfast.” They couldn’t exactly go shopping or anything, but maybe they could go find some flowers in the Gardens or something. A lot of boys didn’t really like flowers, but Vlad did, so maybe Dorian did too.

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    • Gasp! — Vladimir Brockert, Wed Nov 22 16:46
      • Is it so terribly shocking?Dorian, Fri Nov 24 15:44
        Vlad seemed to indicate that Dorian was welcome to sit, and he tentatively perched back on the end of the bed. Beds were comforting in that they were soft, and nice, and nothing on them were going to ... more
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