Is it so terribly shocking?
Fri Nov 24, 2017 15:44

Vlad seemed to indicate that Dorian was welcome to sit, and he tentatively perched back on the end of the bed. Beds were comforting in that they were soft, and nice, and nothing on them were going to pop. They were like anti-balloons.

“No, you can give them if you like,” he replied when Vlad asked whether he cared what became of the balloons. He was too preoccupied to remember about the trick staircases, and that Vlad would have to pass them to an intermediary to get them to his sister. Still, them going to another person raised a particular concern... “But… maybe we can say it another way? Like… to share? Or… that we finish with the balloon? I not want everyone to know that I have fear of balloons,” he added, his voice trailing off into an embarrassed mumble.

“Thank you,” he smiled, when Vlad wished him a happy birthday and said they could go and get something else once the balloons were gone. “That will be nice,” he nodded, trying to think what they might get. “I am still not sure what things we can find in the school,” he added. He appreciated Vlad’s gesture and did not want to let it fall flat by failing to think of something he liked that could be easily obtained. It was a shame that Vlad hadn’t mentioned his idea of flowers out loud, because Dorian would have thought it a very good one. “But I am thinking whilst you take the balloons,” he promised.

  • Gasp!Vladimir Brockert, Wed Nov 22 16:46
    Sonora was everything his parents and his sister had promised it would be. Admittedly, that was pretty much just “Big, magical, and interesting,” so maybe it wasn’t the highest standard to meet,... more
    • Is it so terribly shocking? — Dorian, Fri Nov 24 15:44
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