Georgia Kirkly
Attempting the girly thing (tag Juniper)
Fri Dec 15, 2017 00:50

As a rule, Georgia’s clothes were kind of… tomboyish, she guessed. Boring, was another good word for them. She mostly wore jeans and tees. Most of her tees she wore kind of baggy. And it didn’t exactly matter because most of the time, she had to wear her uniform of shapeless robes over the top. She hadn’t cared so much about it when she was a kid, but now… There were clothes she saw and liked, that she would have liked to wear. Her grandparents had given her money for Christmas and she’d gone to the mall for some new outfits. She’d eyed up funky mini skirts and 1950s dresses, but she felt self-conscious even looking at them. What if people noticed and thought it was ridiculous that someone fat like her was even thinking of showing off their body like that?

In the end, she’d spent the money on make up instead, and a little book of tips on how to do it. She hadn’t got very far with mastering it yet. She felt like it was either too subtle to really notice (although it somehow still made her feel a teensy bit better about facing the world) or like a clown. But she still believed. She still believed in the power of these little pots of powder, and that self-confidence and beauty really could just be a few brush strokes away, if only she could unlock those secrets. Well, maybe not beauty. No amount of makeup would make her skinner, but… an improvement, at least.

She had had a couple of tries with it since being back at Sonora, when she had their room to herself. She had got back this evening to find Juniper absent. Although she didn’t know where she was or how long she’d be, Georgia really felt like playing around with her makeup, and decided to chance it. She pulled out the little glittery bag she’d got to keep it in, setting the items out. She had been too shy to ask the assistant for help, and so had got blush, an eyeshadow palette and mascara. She’d been too confused by the world of foundations and concealers. Added to this were a few nail varnishes and lip glosses that she’d been given as presents over the years. She turned to the page about blush in her make up book, even though she knew exactly what it said, hoping that somehow reading it again would make it sink in to the degree that it automatically connected with her hand and made her get it right. There were different ways to best apply depending on your face shape. Obviously, hers was round. And apparently, that meant applying blush in an angular motion to balance that out. Only, the blush brush was big, round and soft, and she wasn’t sure how you were meant to get a sharp line out of that.

Once she’d had another go, she peered at herself critically in the mirror. Objectively, and to anyone else, it probably looked fine. Only the book promised that, if done correctly, it would make her face look thinner. As far as Georgia was concerned, she still looked just as chubby cheeked. Only pinker. She sighed, not really sure how to do anything different than what she’d done already. She was weighing up whether to experiment with her eyes or just give up in frustration when the door opened. Unable to quickly hide what she’d been doing, she decided that maybe seeking help wasn’t such a bad thing. And at least it was only Juniper, who was like… the least threatening person imaginable. And maybe Juniper was used to getting made up for all her fancy parties, and might actually be able to help.

“What do you think?” she asked, turning her face to the other girl. “And are you any good with all this stuff?”

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