Raine Collindale
Plosion tme (tag Professor X)
Sat Dec 30, 2017 11:19

The exams started on Monday. Monday as in the day after tomorrow. Until now, Raine had been able to keep that at an almost comfortable psychological distance with phrases like ‘next month’ and then ‘next week,’ but it had been like the flood waters encroaching on an ever shrinking scrap of land, and now she found that, whichever way she turned, it was lapping at her shoes and all really uncomfortably close.

She had tried a few different ways of coping. She had tried trying, trying as hard as she could with her work, but she still seemed to barely scrape acceptable marks. There were occasions where she’d just panicked on being given a pop quiz and her brain had totally frozen up and she’d ended up scoring Ts. She’d tried not caring, but she was almost as bad at that as she was at actually studying. She had tried to at least alleviate her misery by throwing herself at Joe and hoping to at least forget everything from time to time, but he hadn’t seemed to get the message.

This morning, she had woken well before dawn and been unable to get back to sleep. She had tossed and turned, thinking of the exams, until an idea struck her. She had fallen on the age old resort of those who had reached the end of their tethers, although in her case it was entirely rational and appropriate; she had tried to run away to (re)join the circus. Her plan, such as it was, had been to get as far as Tumbleweed, the nearby town, Floo to somewhere out of range of Sonora’s teachers, and then owl her parents to find out where in the country they were. However, after a couple of hours of wandering the gardens, with all the navigational skills and spells that life on the road had taught her, she had been forced to conclude that there was some kind of charm to stop them reaching the edge of the labyrinth.

Weary and frustrated, she returned to school. It had been just the end of curfew when she’d set out, figuring an early start would help her slip away undetected. Now the day was beginning in earnest. She could hear the noises of breakfast underway in the hall but couldn’t face people even though she was hungry from her walk. She trudged up the stairs, considering squirreling herself away in her room. The thought of her duvet was compelling but the stack of books she knew were beside the bed made her feel sick. She had really thought this morning, as she stepped out of the school, that she was leaving them behind. Her eyes filled with tears. She hesitated outside Teppenpaw. She had never felt less like dancing in her life. Her eyes drifted to the door along the corridor. They always said that, if you had trouble, you should speak to your head of house. She had never really taken this advice. Professor Xavier represented part of the system that was making her so miserable, and she could not imagine him having any power, or even desire, to change it and help make it better suited to her. But he was nice. She thought that she trusted him to be nice, or at least he was a more friendly prospect than her books right now.

She hesitantly knocked on his door, venturing inside only when called. She hadn’t even made it to the seat before the words and tears started tumbling out.

“I’m too stupid. I don’t want to be here. I can’t do any of it. And I tried - I really, really did try,” she insisted, looking earnestly at the Professor, pleading with him to believe that.

    • Oh dear. Don't plode. Ploding is messy.Nathan Xavier, Sun Dec 31 16:55
      "Come in!" Nathan called when someone knocked on his office door leading to the outside hall rather than the Common Room. Coming from that direction, he'd expected someone panicking about their... more
      • Good advice.Raine, Thu Jan 4 08:08
        I know you tried. Raine swallowed her next sob. A lot more remarks followed this first pronouncement, and they jumbled through her head in quick succession, some sticking more than others. You’re not ... more
        • See, you are smart.Nathan Xavier, Thu Jan 4 21:27
          "Yes," Nathan said with confidence, "I believe in you that much." He maybe wasn't 100 percent certain that she'd actually earn an A, but he could affirm his faith in her at least. He did think it was ... more
          • You're the one who came up with itRaine, Fri Jan 5 06:46
            He meant it. He really, really meant it. Raine wasn’t sure a teacher had ever believed in her that much. She hadn’t even really realised Professor Xavier did. She assumed most of the staff saw her as ... more
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