Juniper Brockert
Attempting conversation
Sun Dec 31, 2017 15:04

Juniper had been in the owlry. Not because she had a letter to send, but because it was a place she could go spend time in the company of animals, even if she didn't like them as much as horses. She'd go to visit the animals they saw in Care of Magical Creatures, but she was nervous about approaching Professor Taransay to ask if she could. Plus, she heard there was an older student helping him take care of them and Juniper felt she might be intruding on someone else's territory.

But now she was returning to her room to do her homework. If the Teppenpaw could do nothing else right-and it often felt that way-she could at least do well in her studies. Transfiguration was of particular importance both for the sake of her family name and because Juniper wanted to be an animagus. Of course, COMC was the homework she usually did first because it was her favorite.

She opened the door to the room she shared with Georgia to find her roommate surrounded by make-up. The fourth year didn't know why, they weren't going anywhere else today. Maybe Georgia was meeting someone? Probably a boy, though Juniper couldn't imagine who. As long as it wasn't Finn, it really wasn't any of her business. And it probably wasn't Finn, as he was a pureblood and Georgia was not. While Juniper often worried Finn would find someone he liked more than her, she didn't consider her roommate competition.

Actually, in that department, none of her yearmates, even the pureblood ones really were. The Teppenpaw couldn't imagine her friend going for a girl like Arianna Tate. She was too... mean . Juniper didn't really think Lily Spencer was his type either.

It was just every other pureblood girl she worried about. Finn was, after all, pretty special.

She was brought out of her Finn-centered reverie by Georgia's question. Juniper blinked and looked more closely. "It looks fine."

The Teppenpaw nodded in response to the next thing her roomate said. "Um, I'm okay-ish with it, I guess. I mean, usually Mother insists on having the house-elf do mine for parties." They actually had one trained for this purpose. "But, I mean, I do wear a little at school." Mostly to look pretty for Finn and to prevent bullying by the Ariannas. "Which I have to do myself."

Juniper looked down at the floor as she finished babbling. This was why she didn't like talking to people much. She always sounded so stupid.

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