Nathan Xavier
Oh dear. Don't plode. Ploding is messy.
Sun Dec 31, 2017 16:55

"Come in!" Nathan called when someone knocked on his office door leading to the outside hall rather than the Common Room. Coming from that direction, he'd expected someone panicking about their Herbology CATS or RATS exam (most likely the CATS, as that was the set of exams starting in just two days). At this early hour of the day on a Saturday, he figured it was probably an Aladren, and he was prepared to assure them that they had nothing to worry about. Crotali were supposed to be planners, so there was a chance it might be one of them, too, as they set up their next week's agenda. He wouldn't expect to see Pecaris before tomorrow night, though. Certainly not before lunch.

The door opened, and the entering student was neither an Aladren nor Crotalus. She wasn't a Pecari, either, though, so he'd been right on that account. He just hadn't expected one of his own House to come through that hallway door.

"Raine, take a seat," he said welcomingly. Given that it was Raine, he figured there was a good chance he'd been right about it being CATS panic. In her case, it might even be justified.

He was right. That didn't make it any easier to handle, but he'd been right on guessing the purpose of the visit.

"I know you tried," Nathan assured, scooting his chair closer and putting a hand on her shoulder in a way he hoped she found comforting rather than intrusive. He did believe her. He'd seen her trying, and he'd tried to help, too, but it hadn't worked. She was still barely passing his class, and he'd been a generous grader (as he was to everybody, not just Raine; she just needed it more). "And you're not stupid," he promised, "you just didn't have a strong academic background coming in." Which was true, though the school had tried to help her get up to speed with the academic support classes. It just hadn't been enough, and she didn't really have the drive to make up for it. And there certainly wasn't anything Nathan could do about that in the next two days.

"I think you can probably squeeze an Acceptable out of Herbology," he tried, hoping that vote of confidence didn't come back to bite them if she didn't. "You probably covered this in your Academic Support meetings, but just answer every question. Leaving it blank is as bad as getting it wrong, so even if it's just a wild guess, take the chance. On essays, work for partial credit. Just spill everything you know that's even distantly related to the topic onto the page and hope something in there is what they're looking for. And if you don't know anything, make something up, and pray for the best. That might get you enough to pull some As."

  • Plosion tme (tag Professor X)Raine Collindale, Sat Dec 30 11:19
    The exams started on Monday. Monday as in the day after tomorrow. Until now, Raine had been able to keep that at an almost comfortable psychological distance with phrases like ‘next month’ and then... more
    • Oh dear. Don't plode. Ploding is messy. — Nathan Xavier, Sun Dec 31 16:55
      • Good advice.Raine, Thu Jan 4 08:08
        I know you tried. Raine swallowed her next sob. A lot more remarks followed this first pronouncement, and they jumbled through her head in quick succession, some sticking more than others. You’re not ... more
        • See, you are smart.Nathan Xavier, Thu Jan 4 21:27
          "Yes," Nathan said with confidence, "I believe in you that much." He maybe wasn't 100 percent certain that she'd actually earn an A, but he could affirm his faith in her at least. He did think it was ... more
          • You're the one who came up with itRaine, Fri Jan 5 06:46
            He meant it. He really, really meant it. Raine wasn’t sure a teacher had ever believed in her that much. She hadn’t even really realised Professor Xavier did. She assumed most of the staff saw her as ... more
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