Good advice.
Thu Jan 4, 2018 08:08

I know you tried.

Raine swallowed her next sob. A lot more remarks followed this first pronouncement, and they jumbled through her head in quick succession, some sticking more than others. You’re not stupid, got a little bit lost, following so close as it did on the heels of the first statement, and being followed up by the idea that she was ‘not very academic,’ which she had heard before, and found hard not to automatically equate to stupid, just said by someone who was trying not to hurt her feelings (and not really succeeding, because it was so damned important to everyone in this system that she was academic, and it was the only way the school system was willing to deem her as having any worth as a person).

The rest of the advice was somewhat familiar, although it definitely didn’t hurt to have it repeated, for all that it was flying around, flung around in the snow shaker storm that was currently Raine’s thought process - perhaps when everything came to settle, it would find a home. Two things did stick with her, and beam out through the rest of the chaos. He knew she had tried. And he was talking about her getting an A like it might actually happen. He was being practical, and honest. He wasn't pretending that she was just going to get them or blandly shushing her, saying it would all be alright. But he was saying it, explaining it like an actual process, that really ended with her getting...

“An… an A?” she repeated, as if he had just named some rare and elusive creature - one that the books debated the very existence of. And, lip trembling, she stared at him, her green eyes still shining with tears, but her expression one of rapt amazement, as if he had just promised that said creature might just be waiting for her on the other side of the door, as she asked, “Do you really believe in me that much?”

  • Oh dear. Don't plode. Ploding is messy.Nathan Xavier, Sun Dec 31 16:55
    "Come in!" Nathan called when someone knocked on his office door leading to the outside hall rather than the Common Room. Coming from that direction, he'd expected someone panicking about their... more
    • Good advice. — Raine, Thu Jan 4 08:08
      • See, you are smart.Nathan Xavier, Thu Jan 4 21:27
        "Yes," Nathan said with confidence, "I believe in you that much." He maybe wasn't 100 percent certain that she'd actually earn an A, but he could affirm his faith in her at least. He did think it was ... more
        • You're the one who came up with itRaine, Fri Jan 5 06:46
          He meant it. He really, really meant it. Raine wasn’t sure a teacher had ever believed in her that much. She hadn’t even really realised Professor Xavier did. She assumed most of the staff saw her as ... more
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