Nathan Xavier
See, you are smart.
Thu Jan 4, 2018 21:27

"Yes," Nathan said with confidence, "I believe in you that much." He maybe wasn't 100 percent certain that she'd actually earn an A, but he could affirm his faith in her at least. He did think it was possible, at least. "What your academic support group probably didn't recommend, but which in your case may help, is just pick the two subjects you think you have the best shot in, and forget everything else, and just focus on those. I think you can make it in Herbology, so you just need to pick one more. If you'd like, I can help you today and tomorrow, going over the most important concepts of those two classes." He kept his tone calm and encouraging, hoping to settle her, because she was clearly still not in top form for thinking yet, and she needed to get past the panic and distress and start thinking.

"Most subjects just have one or two main themes, and everything else builds off of those, so if you can get a grasp on those themes, you can probably at least bluff and guess your way through the rest. You won't get Es or Os that way, but you can pass. I will recommend against DADA, though, partly because it's not as concise a subject and jumps between creatures and spellwork, and partly because I haven't taken a DADA class since I was your age, and I don't remember enough to coach you on it. But Professor Nash might be around," his voice, however, suggested that he kind of doubted it, since the substitute professor with a home off campus had little reason to hang around the school on a weekend, "if that is one of your relative strengths. And if not, Isis - er, Professor Carter - could probably help you." He felt just a flash of embarrassment at using Isis' first name in front of a student, but doubted Raine would read anything into it. Nathan called all of the staff by their first names, most of the time, with the sole exception of Headmaster Brockert, because the headmaster scared him just a little bit.

"Do you have a preference?" he asked, "Any class you like better than the others?" As her Head of House, he did get to see her grades before signing off on report cards, but the numbers were less important than the interest. She did have two more years to get through, so she ought to like the ones she chose to focus on. "Whichever two you pick, you're probably going to be stuck with them for your RATS classes, so pick your favorites. It doesn't have to be Herbology either, if you like two other classes better, I won't be offended, I promise." He was eighty percent sure he could keep that promise. He did try to make his classes interesting and enjoyable for everyone, but he was aware some people just found plants boring. They were wrong, of course, but there was no accounting for taste sometimes.

  • Good advice.Raine, Thu Jan 4 08:08
    I know you tried. Raine swallowed her next sob. A lot more remarks followed this first pronouncement, and they jumbled through her head in quick succession, some sticking more than others. Youíre not ... more
    • See, you are smart. — Nathan Xavier, Thu Jan 4 21:27
      • You're the one who came up with itRaine, Fri Jan 5 06:46
        He meant it. He really, really meant it. Raine wasnít sure a teacher had ever believed in her that much. She hadnít even really realised Professor Xavier did. She assumed most of the staff saw her as ... more
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