You're the one who came up with it
Fri Jan 5, 2018 06:46

He meant it. He really, really meant it. Raine wasn’t sure a teacher had ever believed in her that much. She hadn’t even really realised Professor Xavier did. She assumed most of the staff saw her as some kind of problem. She didn’t get things right. She didn’t get good grades. Surely that made her hard work, and a headache.

And then… then he started telling her about focussing on one or two, and using a main theme, and bluffing. It almost sounded like cheating. It was what she’d been looking for, what she hadn’t been given by anyone else… It was a short cut. Learn this. Learn these few things, and repeat, and it will be ok. It seemed too good to be true. He mentioned that she’d never get Es or Os that way, but she was never going to get those anyway.

“I just… I just don’t want to get Ts,” she whispered. She’d had a couple, on practise exams where she’d just panicked, and they made her feel so awful about herself. She’d seen trolls - they couldn’t even use a quill for anything except scratching themselves, and the comparison was completely humiliating.

“I like Herbology,” she promised, when he said he wouldn’t be offended if she didn’t say it. She did feel a little like she owed him that response, and would have had a great deal of trouble admitting it if she didn’t, but luckily for her it also happened to be true.The rest… Not Transfiguration. She felt bad even thinking it, when Professor Skies spent so much time helping her but it was just so complicated. She was better at Potions theory and Defence than Charms, because a lot of the time they asked you about what you needed to do, rather than why things happened. Potions was harder because there were often lots of steps to remember, although Raine was halfway decent at things that she could rote learn. Defence and Potions also both had practical applications in her everyday life - several of the things they’d covered in Defence had been drilled into her since she was a small child, given how being on the road so much made them more vulnerable to many things. But Professor Xavier didn’t want to help her with that. She liked Professor Carter too, but she wasn’t sure about rejecting the Professor’s help. Charms asked harder questions, but she liked the spells more… “I’m not sure,” she concluded, “About the second subject, I mean. But maybe we can start with some Herbology and I can think about it a bit more?”

  • See, you are smart.Nathan Xavier, Thu Jan 4 21:27
    "Yes," Nathan said with confidence, "I believe in you that much." He maybe wasn't 100 percent certain that she'd actually earn an A, but he could affirm his faith in her at least. He did think it was ... more
    • You're the one who came up with it — Raine, Fri Jan 5 06:46
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