Trying to figure you out
Mon Jan 15, 2018 13:02

Georgia had had a lot of difficulty figuring out where she stood with Juniper. The other girl never seemed to particularly want to talk to her. During their first couple of years, with her parents divorcing, Georgia hadn't exactly had a lot of spare brain space to think about her roommate. Being ok with each other, not being engaged in any kind of active conflict, was fine. She hadn't had the energy to analyse the situation much or to disturb the status quo.

Her default assumption had been that it was a blood thing. It wasn't a nice feeling but it wasn't one she could do anything about. And closed off wad better than actively aggressive, so Georgia didn't want to bring it up and rock the boat. Once she'd had more time to observe, and become less preoccupied with her own problems, she'd noticed that Juniper didn't seem to talk much with anyone. Georgia had decided that their lack of closeness was nothing personal but still didn't really know how to change that, or whether Juniper really wanted her to.

"Thanks," she replied when Juniper said her blusher was 'fine.' 'Fine' wasn't the same as 'good,' though... She peered critically in the mirror.

She wasn't sure how to react to Juniper's mention of having a house elf to do her make up for her. Obviously that wasn't an option she had. When her roommate made comments like that, Georgia wasn't sure whether she was trying to like... Make a point about Georgia's family or rub her face in it. It was the sort of remark that could be really snarky but Juniper didn't exactly sound mean when she said it.

"Ok, so do you wanna help me choose something for my eyes?" she asked. Where the question may have been rhetorical if exchanged between friends, there was genuine query in Georgia's voice.

  • Attempting conversationJuniper Brockert, Sun Dec 31 15:04
    Juniper had been in the owlry. Not because she had a letter to send, but because it was a place she could go spend time in the company of animals, even if she didn't like them as much as horses.... more
    • Trying to figure you out — Georgia, Mon Jan 15 13:02
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