Professor Xavier
Letter to Captain Joe Umland
Mon Jan 22, 2018 09:21

After the initial Orientation speech, and that most awful of interviews with Selina Skies, Nathan had a bit of time to kill while the other staff were being interviewed and the meeting concluded. He used the opportunity to shoot of an owl to Joseph Umland, a duty he had thought would need to wait until after the Head of House speech, since his Orientation schedule had been pretty full until this came up. It was a welcome diversion.

Captain Umland,

it began, which basically told Joe pretty much the whole purpose of the letter, but Nathan wrote out the rest of it anyway.

Congratulations! You have been promoted to Quidditch Captain of the Teppenpaw team! As such, you are responsible for scheduling and running practices, putting up the sign-up sheet, recruiting members if necessary, and reserving the pitch. In the event that Teppenpaw does not have enough players for a full team, you may coordinate with another House captain to create a combined team. To help you in these matters, you may select an Assistant Quidditch Captain. Based on seniority and involvement with last year's games, I recommend Jozua Sparks, but this choice is entirely in your hands. Please inform myself and your new assistant of your decision.

Thank you for your leadership in Teppenpaw Quidditch!
Nathan Xavier

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