Raine Collindale
Would you like some good news? (Tag Professor X)
Sat Feb 3, 2018 08:06

As Professor Xavier disappeared into his office after introducing the new to Teppenpaws to their house (Raine could not, after all this time, really find it the substitute home it was promised to be), Raine followed. The door had barely shut behind him when she knocked, and came in. She had been wanting to see him all day. But of course, he had been busy with the orientation, and then at the feast she couldn’t talk to him.

The Raine who came into his office was the complete opposite of the one who had sat there at the end of the previous year. She was absolutely shining with happiness, and perhaps even a smidgen of something approaching self-confidence.

“I passed!” she beamed, rushing over to her head of house and flinging her arms around him, quite unaware that after the day he’d had, this might be something he wasn’t entirely comfortable with. It was only a very brief hug, one full of happiness that just couldn’t be kept to oneself.

“Herbology and Defence,” she added. The precious piece of paper was clutched in her hand, and she held it out to show him, unaware that the school received their own copies and that he might already have seen it. “Our mom wants to put them on the wall, mine and Kyte’s - he got one in Defence too - but I said I had to show you first. I passed two! And look, not a single T!

“Thank you. For… for last year. I couldn’t have done it without you.”

    • This makes it all worth itNathan, Sun Feb 4 20:25
      Nathan hadn't even dropped in exhaustion into his chair, nevermind pulled out a piece of parchment to write to Isis to seek her company after this awful day when the knock sounded on the door. He sat ... more
      • I'm gladRaine, Tue Feb 6 06:27
        Raine’s smile grew, and she blushed furiously as Professor Xavier heaped her with the kind of praise she had never in her life expected to hear from a teacher. He was proud of her. She had worked... more
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