I'm glad
Tue Feb 6, 2018 06:27

Raine’s smile grew, and she blushed furiously as Professor Xavier heaped her with the kind of praise she had never in her life expected to hear from a teacher. He was proud of her. She had worked hard. He had known she could… That last one… She wasn’t sure she would have bet on herself if she’d been asked, but he always seemed to really mean it when he said it, and it was his faith in her that had helped as much as any of the extra support work he’d given her.

“I wasn’t sure sometimes that I could do it, but I knew you thought I could, and I just kept thinking about that when it got scary.”

This was a lot, from her. Raine had never been a big talker. There was usually a lot going on underneath, but only a fraction of it ever made it out of her mouth - the opposite of her twin, who rarely stopped talking regardless of whether his brain was still connected or had long since disengaged.

He was proud of her. He had said it twice. Raine wasn’t normally that good at accepting compliments. She had a tendency to downplay whatever it was that she had just done, or to decide it wasn’t that big a deal. And, in the objective role of student achievement at Sonora, scraping a pass in two CATS was probably not up there. But even her brain couldn’t twist this, and make it not big and important and wonderful, because it was all of those things.

“Thank you,” she smiled. She hesitated for a moment, and then allowed herself to say it, because she had been thinking it ever since her results came in, and she felt like Professor Xavier was someone she could admit this to - and it did almost feel like the confession of a secret because she would never, ever, normally say this kind of thing about herself, but just this once, she was going to, “I’m proud of me too.”

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    • I'm glad — Raine, Tue Feb 6 06:27
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