Joe Umland
Teppenpaw Quidditch Sign-Ups!
Wed Feb 7, 2018 19:45

In retrospect, Joe could not figure out why he had been so disorganized. He had been Assistant Captain last year, the Captain had been a seventh year last year Ė he should have already had everything ready to go before he even got the official confirmation that he was in fact heir to Gingerís throne.

He hadnít, though, so his first night back at school involved some scrambling. Getting Jozua formally badged was easy enough, as they had followed their habit of taking Feasts together, but then he remembered that he had neglected to write a sign-up sheet. He ran up the stairs to his dormitory and promptly stepped directly in the puzzle heíd spent most of the time between arriving at school and the Feast working on. Cursing, he made his way to his belongings, gingerly stepping over pieces of wood, and finally came up with paper and pen to work on the sheet with.

Welcome Back! he wrote in large, bold letters, which he then charmed to flash maroon. It was a poor substitute for Gingerís flashy signs, but he couldnít draw all that well. Heíd meant to recruit John, who could do so a bit (mostly birds, as they were the main reason John had put forth the effort to gain a badge for that in Scouts, but beggars couldnít be choosers), to do that for him over the summer, but heíd forgotten.

Itís a new year and a new Teppenpaw Quidditch team! Everyone is welcome to sign up for tryouts. Just put your name and your year and which position(s) youíre interested in on the list below!


Joe Umland, Captain.

Now that he was captain, Joe realized it was more or less up to him which position he played, which raised an interesting question: which position was he going to play? He had started his career as a Chaser, but had switched to Beating when he had been literally violently angry with his Beater brother and had been doing that for a while now. Should he stick with it Ė and, more importantly, could he find a replacement for himself if he didnít? Teppenpaws didnít tend to like Beater; that he didnít mind it one way or the other (when one-upping John didnít make him very much for it) was one of the many ways in which Joe was a just plain Bad Teppenpaw.

That settled it for him. Below, he wrote his name again, and then sixth year, Beater before going over to the bulletin board to post it with a prayer that maybe, just maybe, they could rustle up a full team this year.

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