Dorian Montoir
First night catch up (Tag Vlad)
Sat Feb 10, 2018 08:32

Dorian made his way up to Teppenpaw Common Room, glad Professor Xavier was with them to demonstrate the jig to the new first years and gain them all access. He was exhausted. The two hour time difference didn’t seem much, but when it got late, it hit him like a tonne of bricks, added to which was the fact that being from further away meant he’d had to get up earlier.

“Hey,” he smiled at Vlad, as they separated out from the other Teppenpaws and started making their way up to their dorm room. He made a fairly unsuccessful attempt to supress a yawn. “How is your summer?” Verbs with tenses at this point were not a realistic expectation for anyone to have of him.

As they entered their room, there was a cheerful mew of greeting. He glanced around for Melody, and found the juvenile tabby cat looking very pleased with herself from her chosen sleeping spot in the middle of Vlad’s bed.

“Melody, ce n’est pas notre lit,” he chastised. He made a noise which clearly translated in any language, trying to indicate that she should remove herself. Melody merely rolled onto her back and wriggled, before mewing again, a little more pathetically as it had been several seconds since the boys entered the room and no one seemed to be petting her.

“I apologise for my terrible cat,” he sighed, sitting down on Vlad’s bed beside her. He had helped himself to a spot on Vlad’s bed before and he’d never really seemed to mind. Vlad didn’t seem to mind much, really. He was very relaxed, which was probably a good quality in a roommate both in general and with Dorian’s tendency to put far too much pressure on himself. He continued to murmur to Melody in French to her about what a terror she was, in a tone so loving that it was obviously going to have no effect on her wayward behaviour, along with the fact that said behaviour looked like it would get her exactly what she wanted, which was both humans within petting range. She would be sure to greet Vlad with a lot of head rubs and enthusiasm if he joined them.

    • Yaaaay!Vladimir Brockert, Sun Feb 18 10:31
      Despite the departure from home leaving an immediate pang of longing for his mother, baby sister, and father deep, deep within his chest, Vlad was pretty excited to be back at Sonora. It was nice to... more
      • And some sad newsDorian, Sun Feb 18 20:01
        Melody nuzzled Vlad’s hand appreciatively as he complimented and petted her, before settling herself down in the middle of the two boys, stretching out her front paws to rest on Vlad’s lap and her... more
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