Jozua Sparks
As Asst. Captain, I guess I need to do this
Mon Feb 12, 2018 11:13

Despite four years of being on the Teppenpaw team, and now wearing the badge of Assistant Captain, Jozua had never once signed up for playing on the Sign-Up Sheet. In his first year, he'd showed up as a walk-on because he felt bad about the shortage of names on the sheet. In his second year, he'd followed the misleading suggestion on Ginger's sign-up sheet to show up to try-outs just to cheer on his former teammates from the previous year, and somehow he'd managed to make it onto the team again anyway. In third year, Ginger had pouted at him and promised not to make him be a beater or a chaser, and yet there he'd been, Beating. Last year, Ginger had used an Imperious Curse on him (he assumed) and made him show up for try-outs again, and again put him down as a beater.

This year, Ginger was gone. Jozua was kind of relieved about that. In part, because he somewhat resented her for continually tricking him back onto the team year after year. Mostly though, he was glad she was gone because he coveted her position.

Jozua Sparks, he wrote his name voluntarily onto the Quidditch sign-up sheet for the very first time (he was assistant captain, now, and joining the team was kind of an expectation that went along with that), fifth year, Keeper

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    • As Asst. Captain, I guess I need to do this — Jozua Sparks, Mon Feb 12 11:13
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