Eden Manger
I'm here!
Sun Feb 18, 2018 10:18

The nice thing about Quidditch, Eden thought, was that you didnít have to be athletic in the same ways you did for other sports, like the Muggle ones. There was running and jumping and lifting, all things that she wasnít terribly good at, especially now that she was fully in the throes of puberty and finding her limbs a bit longer than she remembered. She was gangly and uncoordinated on the ground, but in the air, the broom did most of the physical stuff. She just had to know how to ride it and keep her eyes peeled.

It was also nice that she was apparently pretty good at it. Either that or she was magnificently lucky. Honestly, she was more inclined to believe the latter, but if winning two years in a row was just luck, she didnít think it was fair to the team to change something and give up now. It might throw everything off, and maybe the new Seeker wouldnít be as lucky as she was. Maybe it was the world paying her back for what had happened, even if it was only one tiny, overall insignificant way.

He was proud of her, somehow. Her father. The new broom and the letter were probably on their way already, soon to arrive to her. How her dad did that - kept spoiling her even after he was gone, kept sending his love from beyond the knowable - was completely impossible for her to understand, but it was wonderful to know that her dad was maybe still somewhere. Not really, physically, of course. She knew they buried a body. But some part of him was out there, and it was thinking about her. It was comforting.

It made her sad to see the sign up without Gingerís name. Eden didnít really have anyone she called a friend around here yet, and her brotherís girlfriend had been so very nice to her. She bit her lip, reminding herself how much fun the team would be even without Ginger, and signed her name in her neatest print below the boysí.

Eden Manger, third year, Seeker.

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    • I'm here! — Eden Manger, Sun Feb 18 10:18
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