Vladimir Brockert
Sun Feb 18, 2018 10:31

Despite the departure from home leaving an immediate pang of longing for his mother, baby sister, and father deep, deep within his chest, Vlad was pretty excited to be back at Sonora. It was nice to be around the friends he didn’t see as much over the summer, like Dorian and Tatiana. And having gotten used to sharing with Dorian, it made his room at home seem so empty and lonely, so much so that he had spent more than a few nights in his older sister’s doorway asking if he could sleep over.

Being reunited with his roommate was awesome. “It was good,” he answered Dorian regarding his summer, used to the occasional way Dorian said things wrong. Vlad didn’t mind that stuff. Tatya did it occasionally too. That was cute. “It was nice to see the rest of my family,” he joked, since he had so much of his family around here. Ivy was in their House, and Peyton was in their year. Not to mention that he was cousins with everybody else named Brockert in some way or another, like Ruby, who was in both their year and House. Vlad got pretty confused with his relatives, honestly, and Mom just told him, “That’s your cousin.” He was pretty sure she couldn’t keep it straight, either, so that was probably way.

He was just about to return the question when they got to their dorm room and Dorian started talking in French at Melody. Vladimir didn’t understand what he was saying, but he could pick up the tone well enough. “I apologize for my terrible cat,” he said when he returned to English.

Vlad seated himself on the bed on the kitty’s other side and smiled at his friend. “She’s not terrible,” he countered cheerily, although he didn’t think Dorian really thought that because now he was murmuring lovingly to the cat in French again. “I like cats. I wish I could have one too, but my mom said no because we have dogs and it’d be hard on them in the summer. But then I just play with Hot Sauce when I go over to Peyton’s house, so that’s okay too.” He had probably talked about Hot Sauce before, how that was Peyton’s cat but had been Jake’s cat before. Vlad thought that was cool. He and Ivy were probably too close for something like that to happen - it worked out for the Manger/O’Malleys because Jake graduated the year before Peyton was starting at school - but maybe if he did ever get a cool pet, he could let Lavender have them when he was graduating. Unless Ivy beat him to it.

“Oh, sorry, I got distracted by the cat,” Vlad apologized, turning his main focus back to Dorian, although his hand gave affection scritches to the fluffy little ball of happy between them. “How was your summer?”

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