Jozua Sparks
Not feeling so great (Finn)
Sun Feb 18, 2018 14:20

Jozua woke up in the middle of the night about a week into the new term feeling like it was the middle of winter. After such a great summer, his school year was going just about as bad as it possibly could, with only a few exceptions. Good thing one: Lily agreed to go with him to the ball. Good thing two: He had a shiny badge he hadn't really been expecting, and not the one that came with a lot of extra work and expectations.

Bad things included his magic seeming entirely out of control. Having people stare at him because they were waiting to see how he would explode next. Professor Skies basically assigning a prefect to 'keep an eye on him'. A bunch of failing participation grades for refusing to do class work or not showing up for class at all. Professor Nash had even given him a detention!

And now he was sick. This was the last thing he needed. Not daring to try a warming spell (it was fire based, and he didn't trust himself around anything fire anymore), he got up and found a few more blankets and pulled them all tight around him and tried to go back to sleep. Eventually, the shivering stopped long enough to drift off.

Around dawn, he woke again, this time burning hot. He kicked the blankets onto the floor next to his bed and flopped about, trying to find sleep again, but it was gone. He was just too uncomfortable. He figured a quick jaunt over to the Hospital Wing might net him a potion to treat the fever and maybe he could snag a few more Zs before breakfast. The Hospital Wing was conveniently just down the stairs that led to the Teppenpaw Common Room.

But when he stood up, his vision clouded black as vertigo made him sit back down on his bed hard. "Finn," he groaned, not really wanting to wake his roommate, but he didn't think he was going to make it on his own, and he was starting to think he was maybe sicker than he first thought. "Finn," he repeated louder. "Can you help me down to the Hospital Wing?" he asked when he managed to rouse the other boy. "I think I have a fever and I get dizzy when I stand up."

In the room's mirror, he could see there was sweat on his brow, and his hair was matted and damp from the sweating he'd done before he woke up, and his skin was pale. He looked just as bad as he felt.

OOC: Final stage of the magical plague. He's got a really high fever if Finn decides to hold a hand to his forehead.

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