And some sad news
Sun Feb 18, 2018 20:01

Melody nuzzled Vlad’s hand appreciatively as he complimented and petted her, before settling herself down in the middle of the two boys, stretching out her front paws to rest on Vlad’s lap and her back paws to rest on Dorian’s so that neither boy could get up without disturbing her (and she sincerely hoped both were better mannered than to think that was acceptable!). She purred softly. Dorian was glad that Vlad seemed to appreciate Melody’s company.

“My summer is good also,” he nodded. “Jehan made a visit, and he get along with everyone and not decide that we all crazy, even though he probably wrong on that one,” he laughed, “My mother try to feed him to death, and no one can stick with speaking English all day.” He had written to Vlad a few times over the summer, and so this wasn’t exactly news but he hadn’t told him about the visit in any detail, and besides that it was easily the highlight of his vacation. The week itself had seemed to fly by in flash, whilst all the weeks spent with Matthieu in the house had dragged on and on, but now when he looked back at summer, Jehan’s visit seemed to expand and take over the whole thing. It was the first thing he thought of when he thought back.

“And to spend time with my parents and my sister is also very good,” he added. Dorian’s friends might have been forgiven for occasionally forgetting that his older brother existed (a situation that he would have found entirely preferable). Matthieu only really came up when factual questions occurred - do you have any siblings, what are you getting your family for Christmas, who did you go with? When Dorian talked about home on his own terms, or gave his opinions about what he enjoyed or what had stood out about a holiday, Matthieu was never mentioned. For those who remembered that he existed, this absence was probably conspicuous, although the majority of his friends knew that his brother was ‘a jerk.’ They knew that he and Dorian didn’t get on. That made sense of his absence from Dorian’s tales of home, and he figured they needn’t know much more.

“I still get to have the birthday of my sister together with her, so that is nice. We usually go to see a show,” that was the other highlight of his holidays. “She have her eleven birthday this year. So, now she start school,” he added. Throughout last year, when referencing Émilie’s schooling, Dorian had used phrases like ‘she will probably go to L’Institut’ or ‘It is the plan to send her to L’Institut.’ If Vlad had been paying attention at the sorting, he would have noticed that of the five girls in the year, only two had hair anywhere near a dark enough shade to be related to Dorian, and that neither of them bore a particularly striking resemblance to him in the rest of their features. Even if Vlad hadn’t taken that much notice, Dorian’s manner, the way his tone had flattened as he delivered the news, probably told him more than enough. Melody, realising that Dorian needed all of her more than she needed both him and Vlad, relinquished her claim on both boys in favour of stepping onto Dorian’s lap and rubbing herself against his chest and chin. He wrapped his arms around her gratefully, and gave a sad sigh. He’d been so excited to come back, and he loved being at Sonora, but right now he couldn’t help but feel somewhat homesick. Or Émilie-sick at any rate.

  • Yaaaay!Vladimir Brockert, Sun Feb 18 10:31
    Despite the departure from home leaving an immediate pang of longing for his mother, baby sister, and father deep, deep within his chest, Vlad was pretty excited to be back at Sonora. It was nice to... more
    • And some sad news — Dorian, Sun Feb 18 20:01
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