Nathaniel Mordue and Joe Umland
Tue Feb 20, 2018 15:05

Coming in at the end of his first week at Sonora, Nathaniel had dark circles under his eyes and an urgent desire to go straight to bed. He had planned to follow through with that desire, too, until he remembered that would mean putting off starting his homework and therefore Being Irresponsible. Rubbing his eyes, he sat down in the common room and opened his bag.

He only realized he was staring through the page when a voice above him – male, older than his own – said “Hi.” Looking up, Nathaniel found himself looking at a much older student, a handsome boy with dark blond hair and brown eyes with metal badges on the front of his green robes.

“Hello,” said Nathaniel cautiously.

“I’m Joe Umland,” said the older boy, smiling in a way which reminded Nathaniel slightly of his father. “You’re one of the first years, right?”

“Yes,” said Nathaniel, still cautiously, but politeness demanded more of a response than this. “I am Nathaniel Mordue,” he said.

“Like Simon Mordue? I heard he just became one of the Crotalus captains.”

“He’s my cousin.”

Joe Umland nodded. “Cool,” he said. “Well, I’m one of the prefects here, and thought I’d say hello. I’m also the Teppenpaw Quidditch captain, if you’re interested.”

Now that Nathaniel thought about it, he realized that this did ring a distant bell. He had been confused and exhausted and worried about various things – Sylvia being displeased with his Sorting, whether Jeremy had misbehaved at supper at home, why it was he had happened to be Sorted into the same House as the one person he and Sylvia had met so far who’d seemed to dislike them, what Simon thought of all this – and also really confused, but he had tried to listen to Professor Xavier’s speech to them and now he remembered Professor Xavier mentioning the Quidditch captain and prefect Joe Umland in that speech. This was a person of importance, then, and someone who apparently knew Simon, and therefore someone Nathaniel should probably listen to and more or less try to emulate, insofar as other Teppenpaws were people to be emulated – many of them did seem awfully informal. This was how he ended up signed up for Quidditch, volunteering to be a Chaser, without having ever really planned to.

OOC: Writing for Joe because I'm his author too.

  • Teppenpaw Quidditch Sign-Ups!Joe Umland, Wed Feb 7 19:45
    In retrospect, Joe could not figure out why he had been so disorganized. He had been Assistant Captain last year, the Captain had been a seventh year last year – he should have already had everything ... more
    • Communication. — Nathaniel Mordue and Joe Umland, Tue Feb 20 15:05
    • I'm here!Eden Manger, Sun Feb 18 10:18
      The nice thing about Quidditch, Eden thought, was that you didn’t have to be athletic in the same ways you did for other sports, like the Muggle ones. There was running and jumping and lifting, all... more
    • As Asst. Captain, I guess I need to do thisJozua Sparks, Mon Feb 12 11:13
      Despite four years of being on the Teppenpaw team, and now wearing the badge of Assistant Captain, Jozua had never once signed up for playing on the Sign-Up Sheet. In his first year, he'd showed up... more
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