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Nathaniel Mordue
I'm thoroughly miserable all around (tag Kir).
Fri Apr 6, 2018 20:51

In class, Dorian had seemed to forgive Nathaniel for the accident, but he could not get the episode in Defense Against the Dark Arts out of his mind. He worried about it for the rest of the day as he carefully avoided the other boy, thinking over and over again about how Dorian had looked a bit frightened of him.

Frightened. Of him. That was a remarkable thought. Nathaniel was a first year, and totally powerless in any case - this was something he all too often remembered, when Mama was sad or Jeremy was not good and refused to listen to anyone or Nathaniel himself was particularly struck by the fact his father was still gone. Before he’d come here, Nathaniel had thought of Uncle Alexander and the word ‘authority’ as practically the same concept, and Uncle Alexander didn’t frighten him, of course, but he knew that in theory people were afraid only of people who had some kind of power. Which Nathaniel did not. He supposed this was why it was bothering him so, along with feeling incredibly stupid for having started a conversation with the desire to befriend someone and then punched said someone in the face.

With such pleasant thoughts on his mind, and the fact that he had probably ruined his reputation and made the whole House hate him forever because of the ten points thing, he was not surprised that he felt miserable by the end of the day. He was, however, surprised by the exact quality of his misery. He didn’t just feel bad emotionally, he also felt bad physically. He didn’t think he’d felt that bad emotionally about it, for it to make him sick, so he assumed he really was sick. Injury on top of insult.

He thought about going to the hospital wing, but realized he wasn’t sure he remembered the way and so contemplated going to lie down instead in the hopes that whatever was bothering him would pass. By the time he got to Teppenpaw after classes and a supper he’d no more than picked at, however, he was feeling so much worse that he began to think this was not a good plan after all. He paused outside the second year dormitory door, wondering if it would be completely inappropriate to ask for assistance after earlier. Dorian had assured him he believed that it had been an accident, after all….

Before he made up his mind, another door opened and disclosed another familiar face, one he had not recently given a nosebleed to. A solution. This was good. Nathaniel turned away from the second year door and took a step toward Kir McLeod.

“Excuse me,” he said politely. “Could you - tell me the directions to the hospital wing, please?”

OOC: Godmodding bits involving Dorian and Kir discussed with their author.

    • Oh dear. Let's do something about thatKir McLeod, Sat Apr 7 22:57
      Kir had just finished writing a letter to his family. He glanced at his watch. He probably had enough time to make it up to the owlery and post it this evening before curfew, and that was preferable... more
      • It seems more and more of a good idea to do so.Nathaniel , Tue Apr 10 06:23
        Nathaniel was slightly surprised by the offer to escort him in the right direction, but not really in a mood to object too strenuously. He rubbed his arms, feeling chilly and knowing this was not... more
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