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Kir McLeod
Oh dear. Let's do something about that
Sat Apr 7, 2018 22:57

Kir had just finished writing a letter to his family. He glanced at his watch. He probably had enough time to make it up to the owlery and post it this evening before curfew, and that was preferable to rushing breakfast in the morning. Plus, between his homework and writing the letter, it felt like he’d spent a large portion of the evening bent over a table, and a little walk before bed seemed like it’d be good for him.

As he stepped into the corridor, he saw Nathaniel, the first year boy he’d met at the feast, outside the second year boys’ dorm. He guessed they’d become friends. They were all… alike. In a certain way. But then Nathaniel turned and talked to him instead, asking about how to get to the hospital wing, and Kir noticed that he was pale and shadowy eyed, with a general air of misery. The hospital wing was not exactly far from Teppenpaw Commons. He was surprised that Nathaniel had forgotten where it was, although he supposed it was one of those parts of the school that one didn’t visit very often, and so perhaps the information had got pushed out in favour of something more useful. Or maybe he just didn’t really want to go by himself. Kir found it hard to believe he’d been as small when he was a first year as Nathaniel seemed to him now. He was sure he’d felt big and grown up, coming away to boarding school, but Nathaniel looked like a little boy. A lost, sick little boy, who didn’t have his parents here to look after him.

“I’ll walk you down there,” he offered. “What’s wrong?” he asked.

  • I'm thoroughly miserable all around (tag Kir).Nathaniel Mordue, Fri Apr 6 20:51
    In class, Dorian had seemed to forgive Nathaniel for the accident, but he could not get the episode in Defense Against the Dark Arts out of his mind. He worried about it for the rest of the day as he ... more
    • Oh dear. Let's do something about that — Kir McLeod, Sat Apr 7 22:57
      • It seems more and more of a good idea to do so.Nathaniel , Tue Apr 10 06:23
        Nathaniel was slightly surprised by the offer to escort him in the right direction, but not really in a mood to object too strenuously. He rubbed his arms, feeling chilly and knowing this was not... more
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