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It seems more and more of a good idea to do so.
Tue Apr 10, 2018 06:23

Nathaniel was slightly surprised by the offer to escort him in the right direction, but not really in a mood to object too strenuously. He rubbed his arms, feeling chilly and knowing this was not ideal or appropriate for the current indoor climate. He had not been sick very often in his life, all things considered, but he had been sick often enough to remember that it usually involved wanting and having lots of blankets.

Ideally, it also had Mama checking in on him regularly and sitting with him when he wanted her to, but that obviously wasn’t going to happen here. If he were more or less dying, maybe then they would call his mother, but he was supposed to be as much like a grown-up as possible now and that meant handling most things without her. He couldn’t imagine Uncle Alexander calling Grandmama to hover over him every time he felt the slightest bit poorly….

“Thank you,” he said. “I just - feel a little bad. I might have a fever - you might want to stay away,” he added, thinking of this. They usually didn’t want to let him around Jeremy or Sylvia or Simon when he was ill, or vice-versa. Why, then, was it okay for Mama to visit him so much when he didn’t feel well? Were sickness harder for adults to catch?

  • Oh dear. Let's do something about thatKir McLeod, Sat Apr 7 22:57
    Kir had just finished writing a letter to his family. He glanced at his watch. He probably had enough time to make it up to the owlery and post it this evening before curfew, and that was preferable... more
    • It seems more and more of a good idea to do so. — Nathaniel , Tue Apr 10 06:23
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