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Joe Umland
Having a mood.
Sat May 12, 2018 18:37

A key point in the ethics of using long-effect brain-altering potions, wrote Joe, and glanced at the stack of little leaves which contained his notes and sketches of a structure for the essay, all accumulated in preparation for sitting down to write smooth sentences. As he did this, his hand kept moving, and he was startled to look back at the paper and see he had just inscribed the words is nothing.

Well, that wasn’t right.

Even if it felt rather true at the moment.

Felt – but wasn’t. Of course.

He took out his wand and used it to clean the inappropriate words off his final draft, as he hated to hand in pages with words struck out or which were in any other way less than perfectly clean copies. This was the same reason he kept a ruled sheet behind his parchments, to ensure the lines of his text were almost perfectly straight, and why he kept a comb in his bag during the day, to ensure his hair was in place, that there was nothing untidy about him whatsoever. He cleaned off the inappropriate words, loaded his quill with ink, glanced at his notes again as he did, composed the rest of the sentence in his head…and then sat there, watching the ink drip onto the page and spread into a magnificent blot with focused interest, his sentence – and, indeed, the rest of his assignment, completely forgotten.

After a moment he blinked, saw the spot, and made a noise of disgust. Noticing too that he had not put his wand away yet, he cleaned away the blot and then closed his book over the partially written essay and notes for the rest of it. He didn’t feel as though he could stand to look at it any longer, and clearly there was no real point to doing so, so he might as well put it away. Even if he didn’t really have a clear plan for what to do next.

There were a million things he might have done – he could have done other homework, for instance, or read a book, or practiced Quidditch maneuvers, or written letters, or started a conversation with someone, or started teaching himself German, or whatever – but the problem was that he didn’t want to do any of them. He didn’t want to sit in this chair, looking at the ceiling. He didn’t want to go to sleep, either. He didn’t want to do a damn thing. His bones felt full of lead, and so he took the path of least resistance, which was to continue sitting, looking across the room at nothing in particular.

    • Have it facing in a different directionGeorgia Kirkly, Sat May 26 09:02
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        • That works tooGeorgia, Tue Jun 5 07:11
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          • Excellent.Joe, Tue Jun 5 14:31
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              • That, and possibly a bit more.Joe, Thu Jun 7 12:55
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