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Georgia Kirkly
Have it facing in a different direction
Sat May 26, 2018 09:02

Zevalyn had a date for the ball. And apparently not just a convenience date or a friend date. Like, she seemed pretty convinced it was an actual date. With Kir. Who was, apparently, less gay than previously assumed. And was into Zev. Not that she could blame him, and not that she really wanted Kir to be into her. She wasn’t into him. Although who knew whether she would have been if she had thought he was available for being into. She had only known he was an option when he was being snapped up. And Zev had been totally nice about it, and had checked with her first, and of course she wasn’t going to say that Zev couldn’t ask him when they seemed to really like each other, and when she was pretty sure that she wouldn’t have liked Kir that way even if she had known he liked girls, but… But Zev had a real date, and she still hadn’t even asked anyone to get through the horror of the prefect dance with her. It would have just been nice…

She was mulling over this, instead of her Charms homework, when she felt the prickle on the back of her neck. It was probably just paranoia on her part, but she would swear it was because she could actually feel people when they stared at her, and this time was a win for confirmation bias, as she looked up and found Joe staring at her. A line in one of her teen magazines had said that if a guy was staring at you, it meant he liked you. This seemed sort of obvious. Although she was sure that she’d read in a different edition of the same magazine that a guy avoiding you completely meant he liked you. Not that she really thought Joe would like her like that. That… just didn’t seem likely. And anyway, Joe looked more like he’d been hit in the head with a brick a couple of times. He was just… kinda vacant. She tried to dismiss it and return to her work but she’d really been lacking focus to begin with, and she only managed a few minutes of pretending to concentrate before looking up again, to find him still staring. Telling herself that he wasn’t staring at her as such didn’t help, because if that was the case, he could just stare somewhere else - anywhere else. She kinda wanted to yell something across the room to snap him out of it, but she wasn’t a big fan of calling negative attention to herself or anyone else, so instead she just scribbled ‘Earth to Joe’ on a piece of paper and flicked it towards him with her wand. She had executed this before wondering whether he had enough Muggle background to understand this reference. Oh well, too late if he didn’t.

  • Having a mood.Joe Umland, Sat May 12 18:37
    A key point in the ethics of using long-effect brain-altering potions , wrote Joe, and glanced at the stack of little leaves which contained his notes and sketches of a structure for the essay, all... more
    • Have it facing in a different direction — Georgia Kirkly, Sat May 26 09:02
      • Joe did not even realize precisely how out of touch with his surroundings he was until a piece of paper flew into his lap and bounced off his hand. He jumped, blinked repeatedly, and then realized it ... more
        • That works tooGeorgia, Tue Jun 5 07:11
          Joe snapped out of it on getting her note and Georgia pretended to return to her Charms essay, because she didn’t want to get caught staring right back. And because, now that she wasn’t being stared... more
          • Excellent.Joe, Tue Jun 5 14:31
            Joe bit his lip and looked back and forth, as though checking for listeners. “Don’t quote me on this - and maybe they don’t even know it - “ he began in a lowered voice - “but I’ve seen a few cases... more
            • “Darn…. That somehow doesn’t give me the liberating feeling I thought it might that I can screw up without it mattering too much. It just feels like I have to do well on this and then keep not... more
              • That, and possibly a bit more.Joe, Thu Jun 7 12:55
                “Actually I think it can be either that or a lot of screwing things up and then hoping nobody notices, but your way is probably better if you can pull it off,” observed Joe after Georgia hypothesized ... more
                • “Ooh, how about screwing up but then bluffing your way through it? I guess there’s also ‘trying to pass the blame’ but that doesn’t work so well when you’re an only child so I’ve never had much... more
                  • “Siblings do help,” agreed Joe when Georgia explained why passing the blame didn’t often work for her. “Of course, with mine, it usually was John’s fault, or Paul’s, so I didn’t so much have to pass... more
                    • Worst case scenario...Georgia, Tue Jun 12 06:01
                      He wasn’t going with Raine. She supposed that should technically count as good news. But clearly he had wanted to. This hadn’t exactly been a scenario Georgia had pictured herself dealing with. She... more
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